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Review: Snake Straps

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Every now and then something worthy of a review with either a Spain or travel connection comes along. As a photographer these Snake Straps really caught my eye on Instagram. I’ve seen wrist straps before of course but these had a certain something about them. Those I’ve looked at in the past have either looked drab or uncomfortable, these were neither.

Wrist straps suit the way I work as I’m one of those people who either has my camera in my hand, or safely tucked away in my bag if not in use – I’m most definitely not someone who trots around with a camera bouncing off my chest showing off the size of my lens! As a result, for many years I’ve ended up with the neck strap looped around my wrist.

Being hand woven from paracord the straps are instantly comfortable to use and don’t need wearing in like, for instance, leather might, and they are available in a huge range of single and mixed colour options to suit every taste.

I tried two variations of the strap, one with a Peak Designs quick release connector, and one without that option, which attaches via a simple loop in the paracord. Of the two I much preferred the simpler (less expensive) version. Although the Peak connectors are tested to 90kg the very fine loop just doesn’t feel right somehow, also when left to ‘dangle’ from just the strap rather than holding the camera it had a tendency to rotate, whereas the simpler version just feels safer and the loop fits the triangular shaped strap connector on my Nikon (the paracord is claimed to be able to support somewhere over 250kg).

Having said that, the Peak fitting being an industry standard is ideal if you might be changing between the wrist strap and a neck strap, or between cameras, often. Either way both are more than enough to handle the heaviest of cameras, or indeed strong enough to keep you attached to your camera should someone try to snatch it!

Would I recommend Snake Straps? Absolutely!

34,90 € for the Peak Design Version
22,90 € for the Paracord Only Version
82,90 € for the Neck Strap Peak Design Version
49,90 € for the Leather Peak Design Version

Shipping is 2,00 € extra for International Buyers (outside Germany).  A tracking code is provided and delivery usually takes around two weeks.

All orders are handled via the snake_straps account on ebay (the seller has 100% positive feedback). Click here to visit  the Snake Straps ebay store.

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