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Our Ethics

Spain Buddy identifies itself as a socially committed and independent source of news, advice and general information about Spain. The website is aimed at English speakers with an interest in visiting, living in, or moving to this country. It is built solidly on liberal and democratic principles and committed to social inclusion. It aims to uphold the highest of values, taking such from EU guidelines, the Spanish constitution and the UK legal system.

Our Mission

We publish (as far as possible) information that is correct at time of writing, of interest to our readers, and that encourages quality engagement. Our news articles are verified and posted without affiliation towards any one political party. Where possible, we allow enough information in each article to allow readers to make their own judgements. We draw a distinct line between information and opinion. Where opinion is used, this is only published in “From The Editors”.


We reject bigotry, racism and discrimination in all forms and we encourage discussion which does not alienate bodies of people or advocates violence. As such, our guest writers come from a variety of backgrounds – and we never ask them questions about their heritage, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual preference, religious beliefs, nor any other diversity.

Opinions and Commenting


Spain Buddy does not belong to and does not act as the voice of any political, cultural or financial party, association or organisation. Although Spain Buddy needs advertising revenue in order to survive, we will never accept pressure from our advertisers or associates of any kind to remove any content they may disagree with. We would rather say “Goodbye” to these advertisers than compromise our principles.


We welcome open and frank discussion. We do not allow comments to automatically appear and they sit in a moderation queue until we see them – this is due solely to the avoidance of spam and should not be seen as any kind of censorship. However, we reserve the right to refuse publication of any comments that advocate violence, that are abusive in any way, . We also protect privacy in accordance with GDPR.

Changes and Corrections

At time of writing any article, all effort is exercised in order to ensure accuracy and truthfulness of the content. However – if mistakes are made, we will correct them in a timely manner. We do not, however, edit older articles to reflect changes that may happen after an event or coverage. We may choose, however, to publish a new related article with updates.

Our guest writers are responsible for their own fact checking. However, because we insist on our writers drawing upon their personal experience of Spain – they can assure accuracy at time of writing. At any time, Spain Buddy may ask these writers to provide their sources for fact-checking. Spain Buddy will never weasel in their own bias by using such phrases as “according to sources” or similar.

About Spain Buddy

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