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How to get your article published on Spain Buddy

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We are constantly approached by people keen to get their article or Press Release published on Spain Buddy. Here are some pointers that will see you pushed to the top of the queue!

How to get your article published on Spain Buddy

Subject Matter

What type of content do we accept? Well, we love newsworthy articles, and those of real interest to our readers. The one thing that every article must have, is a real and direct connection to Spain. You (as the author) must live here or be a regular visitor and above all, have a genuine and thorough interest in this country.

If your article is of a general nature (such as a travel experience), then it must be written uniquely for us.  Press Releases, however, do not have to be uniquely written. All articles must be factually correct.

At this time we do not accept opinion pieces except by invitation from the Editors.

Word count

Sending us two sentences and a grainy photo, or simply a poster hoping for a feature on our website, just isn’t going to work. Almost every article that we publish on this site has a minimum of 300 words… and so if you are unable to send us a Press Release… then please at least give us as much information as you can.

You are obviously excited about what you have to say or share – but please don’t assume that we already know about you and/or the organisation you represent – we are not mindreaders. Please… tell us your whole story… we want to know everything and so do our readers.  Or open a dialogue with us – you don’t need to be Shakespeare and sometimes we can cobble something together after a quick chat.


We don’t mind if your content is sent in the body of your email, a Facebook Message, or in an attachment such as Microsoft Word.

Spelling and Grammar

Unlike most other organisations, we’re not too fussed about that – we proofread everything before it goes live and nobody’s perfect (including us)… so the odd typo isn’t going to offend us. We’re not Grammar Police. We appreciate the quality of your information and your photographs much more! That being said – don’t send us information in “text speak” – it’s a pet hate ffs!


If you provide any photographs with your article, they must belong to you or have written permission from the photographer to use them on our website. If in doubt – don’t send them to us. Googling “free photos” does NOT mean they are free for anyone to use.

With regard to any photographs you do send us – the bigger the better please, and of course quality speaks for itself. Your submitted photograph/s must be a minimum of 1200 pixels wide and we would prefer them in landscape format (wider than they are tall) wherever possible.

We love…

We already enjoy working with several professional Public Relations Agencies who have excellent relationships with their clients in Spain… who understand the value of content and news in order to promote their clients well. If that sounds like your Agency… get in touch!

We adore charity news and we also love a personal touch.

SEO Companies and Content Providers

Just today, we have received eight emails from SEO companies and Content Providers trying to get on our website so they can squeeze in a link to yet another website that has zero relevance to our site or its readers. Not one of them had any connection to Spain. Every email has been added to our junk pile. We’re simply not interested and usually won’t even bother to reply.


At this time, we do not pay for guest content except in rare cases.


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