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Whether you are visiting this beautiful country for the first time, or are seeking information about your favourite resorts, towns or cities such as Barcelona, Málaga, or the capital of Spain (Madrid)… or if you are considering moving here in the future and joining those of us that are happy to call this place home – we have something for you.

Use the menu at the top to navigate the website, or click straight through to any of the recent articles displayed on this page.

Enjoy browsing – and do drop us a line with any questions. If we can help, then we will!

This website contains thousands of pages, all geared towards those who are visiting, moving to, or living in this vast and colourful country.

We include the glossy stuff of course – we love it here and hope that we can do a little to help promote this wonderful place. But we also include articles that show the darker side of life here – after all, no country is perfect. There are also overheads relating to moving to another country such as finding local assistance, a property to reside in, and perhaps the most meaningful overhead – international money transfers from your bank to here (finding a cheap money transfer is absolutely crucial for those emigrating to a different country).

We love to hear from our readers – so you can either comment underneath a particular article you’ve enjoyed (or haven’t) or you can drop us an email to too.

Above all – enjoy the website and we look forward to seeing you return time and again.

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