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Interview – Violet King

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Today’s interviewee is Violet King who hails from Essex and now lives in Torrevieja on Spain’s Costa Blanca, If you’d like to be featured on the website, follow the link under the article. Now back to Violet.

Interview - Violet King

Violet King

Your full name
Violet King

When did you move to Spain, and where from?
December 31st 1999 from Essex Area

Who came with you?
My Husband

Where in Spain do you live now?
Torrevieja, Costa Blanca near the coast and the town.

What things (apart from loved ones) do you miss from your country of birth?
The one and only thing is the language…..we have not been very good at learning Spanish…..we don’t know any Spanish friends!!

Do you work? As what?
Both retired now and enjoying a relaxing life!
I write free articles for ExPat magazines over here, just getting a new way of thinking and handling things over to those who need to make changes in their lives.
I was working as a PA/Accounts/Secretary then Personal Counsellor before I retired when we came over here. I also had my own business in 1988-1990….employment agency. Loved my jobs.

How are you with speaking Spanish?
Not good really bearing in mind how long we have been here! Shopping is no problem for me, so I understand a bit, and restaurants are OK too, but conversation is a nightmare!!

If you could change anything about Spain… what would that be? And why?
I would introduce Employment Agencies and train staff in various companies…..attitude is everything, and we need to remember that the customer is responsible for our wages, so we need to make an impression with them.

What are the best things about living in Spain?
Everything is great. The weather, the air we breathe, the scenery, the prices, the food…….and to continue to wake up each day is something we don’t take for granted, as many of the people we know don’t!!

What are your favourite Spanish dishes?
Tostada con Tomate just about says it all!!

What is the predominant nationality of your friends in Spain?
Almost totally British.

If you won the Euromilliones – would you still live where you currently are? Why / why not?
I might like to travel. but I love it where we are. Attractive, near things, quiet and relaxing. No complaints!

If a movie was made about your life – who would play you? Why?
Sorry, but no idea. Someone said I reminded her of Felicity Kendal, so maybe!

If you had to describe yourself as a cocktail… what would you be, and why?
I am not very familiar with drinks, sorry.

Right – now is the chance to tell us all about your business/website/blog if you have one (or more of course).

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