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Help Tasha

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A plea today from Spain Buddy, asking you to dig deep and help Tasha Lynch, a warm and bubbly lady on the Costa Blanca who desperately needs funds to help in her rehabilitation and care.

Help Tasha

23-year-old Tasha, originally from Liverpool, has been living on the Costa Blanca since 2012.An outgoing and caring young woman, Tasha has always looked out for others and her customer facing roles have made her a popular and valued member of the community.

In October 2015 she was rushed into hospital with breathing difficulties. She then spent the next few weeks fighting for her life. After extensive tests, the medical staff were able to determine that she is suffering from three incurable diseases: hemiplegic migraines, myasthenic crisis and transverse myelitis. The latter two have caused Tasha major disabilities.

Since October, Tasha has spent much of her time in Torrevieja hospital. Myasthenic crisis directly affects Tasha’s lungs, severely limited her ability to breathe and she is now fully dependent upon equipment to help her through functions that most of us take for granted. She will be on a ventilator 24 hours a day for life. Tasha also has no movement below the waist and is blind in her left eye.

Astonishingly, Tasha has kept her chipper spirit, her sense of humour and her positive attitude. Just this week she was offering to keep breathing and being her usual “Humourous sarcastic self,” if someone would only bring her a proper cup of tea.

We need your help to purchase some equipment for Tasha and to help with her rehabilitation. She has a brand new ventilator now which thankfully is portable. But she also needs a vehicle that will enable her to stay in her wheelchair while travelling. Her home needs to be adapted to cater for her enhanced home care. Then there is the vital medication to keep her stable and alive. Hospital staff are working to build Tasha’s strength so that she may also undergo chemotherapy. The fundraisers would also like to be able to make a donation to the department at Torrevieja hospital that has been caring for Tasha for the past few months.

Can YOU help Tasha?

So far, €19028 of €21000 has been raised – but of course many more donations are gratefully received. Perhaps you have a business that could host a fundraising event, or perhaps you would be prepared to collect donations from your customers. Or perhaps you would like to make a personal donation.

To donate money for this very worthy cause, please visit Tasha’s GoFundMe page. You can also keep an eye out for the latest updates and see how Tasha is doing. Additionally, the La Marina Gossip Facebook group has been keeping everyone updated, which is where we first heard Tasha’s story.

To find out more about the three incurable diseases that Tasha is suffering from, visit the following links:

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