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Your first time in Spain?

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If this is your first time in Spain, you may wish to explore the country using a scheme that enables you use public transport or another scheme that, in addition to the transportation discounts, includes access to museums, restaurants, shows and other tourist attractions. Be sure to purchase one of these at trusted retailers and take advantage of the additional discounts you can find for making the purchase online.

Cash flow a problem? Getting long term loans can be a good solution. Go enjoy Spain and forget your money worries. The following points can be your guide when you visit Spain.

Visit to the National Museum of Roman Art of Mérida (Badajoz)

National Museum of Roman Art of Mérida

Roman Art of Mérida

When you visit a monument or a museum, check all types of rates they have online, since many offer discounts for certain groups or profiles or even free for Citizens of the European Union and Ibero-American citizens in certain periods (for example, in the case of National Heritage monuments).

Travelling on public transport

Travelling on public transport

Madrid Metro

The larger cities have extensive metro, train and bus networks. But to avoid surprises, always check the working hours of the transports (the subway only opens all night in certain cities and days). To ensure guaranteed transport at night, the best option is to take a taxi, although there are also night buses. Most Spanish cities have a core historical centre where most of the attractions are accessible on foot.  Another option that you may like to consider is to sign up for one of the tour bus tours. Granada City has an excellent example of this, which takes you around the main attractions – allowing you to hop on and off at your leisure.

Taking a taxi

Taking a taxi

Taxis in Barcelona

When grabbing a taxi, be sure to check that the vehicle you are getting into is authorized and is prominently displaying identification badges. Make sure if you are paying by card, that the application of certain extra fees may be relevant at night ot on public holidays. If the local language is an issue for you – write down your destination clearly, so you can show this to the driver and avoid anything getting lost in translation.

Flying around Spain

Flying around Spain

Alicante airport

To move around the country, and to avoid a long road trip between destinations, there are good air connections, since Spain has airports spread out between the main cities. The bus and train networks are also very complete, with most of the country covered. In addition, Spain is connected through high-speed trains with which you can, for example, get from Madrid to Valencia in 95 minutes or from Madrid to Barcelona in about 3 hours. A rental car is usually convenient to move within the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as ferries to move between islands.

Hotel rooms in Spain

Spain Hotel Rooms

Spain Hotel Rooms

Spanish hotels have a good quality / price ratio and, in general, their rating system is based on stars (from 1 to 5), although it depends on the area and the type of establishment. Also, if your dream is to stay in an original place like a monastery or a castle, in Spain you can do it. Spain has some amazing buildings that have been lovingly converted into hotels – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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