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Yaiza council clamps down on shoddy workers

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Yaiza council has admitted disciplinary proceedings against 22 council workers in a clampdown on shoddy work practices. One of those disciplined has been sacked.

Yaiza council clamps down on shoddy workers

Gladys Acuña, mayor of Yaiza province on the Canary Island of Lanzarote confirmed the disciplinary actions in a press conference today.

The disciplinary activities along with an allegation of harrassment had been posted on the CCOO website – a worker union website representing the interests of council staff.

The CCOO claims that the disciplinaries are part of a “campaign of harrassment” to “intimidate the workforce”… an allegation that Acuña strenuously denies.

The offences included “mistreating citizens” and “spending 95% of their time on the internet.” Acuña denounced the activities and stressed that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated “under any circumstances.” However, Acuña did stress that these were actions of the minority.

“Call me what you like,” said Gladys Acuña, “but I am a responsible manager. Workers are paid by the people. We can’t allow a worker that is paid more than €2000 per month, by the people, to spend their time on the internet.”

The authorship of the article on the CCOO website is currently a mystery… and Acuña has asked the head of the CCOO,Fernando Melian, to enlighten her – although apparently he doesn’t know either. She said that she would be happy to address the concerns of her accusers, but with the allegations of harrassment being anonymous, she couldn’t.

Acuña says that, on the whole, the government team is a strong, hardworking workforce where only the minority have behaved unprofessionally. The mayor was questioned as to the political party of the disciplined workers, but replied that she did not know.

So… yes 22 workers were disciplined with one being sacked. But no, nobody is confirming who has accused who of what… or what political party the discplined workers are from.

Never a dull moment.

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