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Would you like to write a guest post for Spain Buddy?

You may have missed, in the about us menu item of this site, a page entitled work with us. Of course you have! Who reads all that About Us stuff anyway when they visit a site. I tend not to, and I’ll bet you don’t either.

TypewriterAnyway, to the point. Amongst other things, that page says that we welcome guest posts from others. Before you ask – no we don’t, except on rare occasions, pay for guest posts. But, if you have something you’d like to write about, we can promise you exposure to our rapidly growing number of site visitors, through our Social Network presence, and links to your blog or business as appropriate!

  • Perhaps you have a business website in Spain that could do with some extra exposure?
  • Maybe you have a Spain related blog that could use some more visitors?
  • Are you enthusiastic about a particular place or resort?
  • Do you have experience of living in Spain?
  • Do you have local knowledge or information to pass on to our readers?
  • Are you excited about building a long term relationship with Spain Buddy?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Of course we won’t publish just anything, we’d like to see it before committing to publishing your words of wisdom. So perhaps the best idea is to contact us with your ideas and we can talk about it from there. There are three simple criteria to what we will accept;

  1. It must be informative
  2. It must be of interest to our readers
  3. It must be written uniquely for us

What we are not looking for are SEO companies who are selling articles for themselves or for their clients. We currently receive a very high quantity of these, and find that they lack the personal touch that we seek. We are looking for people who wish to build a long term relationship with Spainbuddy – and who are prepared to provide three articles in advance of publication. Is that you?

Want to get involved?

Contact us today by clicking here!