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Vélez-Blanco: A small town with a lot to offer!

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The Ayuntamiento of our small town is no slouch when it comes to promoting Vélez-Blanco in Almería as a “slow tourism” destination being ideally placed on the edge of the Sierra de María-Los Vélez Natural Park.

As well as the stunning Castillo de Vélez-Blanco it is also home to Cueva de los Letreros, a World Heritage site that houses cave paintings approximately 7000 years old which are thought to be some of the oldest in existence. The town has two hotels, a Pension and some private holiday rentals in town and nearby as well as just enough bars and restaurants dotted around to keep visitors happy.

What many people (certainly English speakers) aren’t aware of is that the Ayuntamiento will make its facilities available mostly FREE OF CHARGE for the right sort of events or activities. The options include a fully equipped theatre, a fully refurbished monastery, and yes even the Castle for the right events!

The spaces available are ideal for…

  • Theatre, music and dance
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Exhibitions and Expos
  • Yoga and similar retreats
  • Education and training
  • Weddings and social events

Read on….

The Municipal Theatre

Vélez-Blanco’s Municipal Theatre is a purpose built building. Ideal for pretty much anything theatrical or musical, although bear in mind, if thinking musically, this is a very Spanish area so probably not ideal for the Abba tribute bands or Elvis impersonators from the Costas; whereas classical music, acoustic guitar or, let’s say, classic jazz or blues might go down a storm (the Ayuntamiento has no problem with anyone staging events charging for entry).

Convento de San Luis

The Convento de San Luis is a lovingly restored monastery, refurbished initially with music in mind (it has a number of purpose-made rehearsal rooms). Its cloistered corridors around the square courtyard (which itself is perfect for music recitals) are an ideal exhibition space or venue for the likes of art and crafts or antique fairs. The rooms inside the building can be used for business meetings and conferences, and they are also suitable for education and training purposes (again, the Ayuntamiento has no problem with anyone staging events charging for entry). In addition there is also a fantastic fully equipped dance studio.

Catillo de Velez Blanco

What more do we need to say? It’s a castle! Use your imagination!

The large courtyard of the castle is occasionally used for larger concerts and events of special cultural interest, and since we have lived here there have also been a couple of weddings inside its walls – Velez-Blanco has it’s own registrar and weddings can be booked! The castle is a popular location with film makers and last year alone featured in two movies.

(Please note that the castle itself is the property of the Junta de Andalucia and any commercial use is subject to their approval and fees. Weddings also entail a booking fee of €300)

Has something captured your imagination here? Drop us a line with any questions you might have or your proposal and we’ll see your message lands in the hands of the right individual. Of course any proposals are subject to both availability and Ayuntamiento approval.

Velez Blanco venue questions and proposals

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