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The Spain Buddy Recipes book

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The Spain Buddy Recipes book is now available for purchase at just €4.99. The book contains 125 recipes and full colour photographs. The recipes are in easy to follow steps, so that even a novice can recreate those amazing Spanish flavours in their kitchens at home.

The Spain Buddy Recipes book

Most recipes are made with ingredients that are easily available in most supermarkets, although one or two may need you to pick up something local to Spain. Speciality food stores will be able to help you there – or you can buy those ingredients online.

Kit needed

You can recreate these recipes with equipment you should already have in your kitchen. But… we do recommend you buy a large cazuela and perhaps some smaller serving cazuelas – if only for authenticity. You can purchase those online and here are a couple of quick links to various sizes for you to do so.

Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

Buy the Book – read this carefully first!

The €4.99 book comes in ebook format at the moment, but will be available as a paperback sometime during 2017. At the moment, it is giving us a paperback price that we feel is too expensive to charge. Once we get that print price down, we’ll happily pass the information on to you. .

To buy the book, click the payment method of your choice and follow the steps.

Buy from trusted online retailers

The benefit to you here is that the book will be delievered to you in a format suitable for your ebook reader and comes from a website you probably already know and are comfortable using.

Buy direct from us

The benefit here is that we get 100% of the purchase price instead of paying a commission to online retailers.

Once you have paid by PayPal, it will redirect you to a page where you can download your preferred format to your computer or mobile device. The files are around 4MB each in size, so it shouldn’t impact on your resources.

Files available via this method are PdF, epub and mobi


Not got PayPal or don’t wish to use online retailers?

No problem – drop us an email to info@spainbuddy.com and we’ll look at another method with you.

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