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The Last Two

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The Last Two tells the story of Juan Martín and Sinforosa Colomer who have lived in their abandoned village, La Estrella in Aragón, for 45 years, 30 of those alone.

Video - The Last Two

La Estrella was once a thriving community with between 150 and 200 inhabitants at any time. After the Spanish Civil War ended, most of the residents left to pursue the dreams or fortune in the cities.

Today the population numbers just two – Juan Martín, a former goat herder, and Sinforosa. Sinforosa refuses to leave her childhood home and Martín stays to support the love of his life who he met as she brought cattle home from the fields all those decades ago. Life has not always been easy, and the village has suffered its fair share of tragedy, including the sudden death almost 40 years ago of Nartín and Sinforosa’s daughter who died after a massive brain haemorrage.

La Estrella is just one of hundreds of similar villages across Spain. Once thriving communities, many villages are now left to rot without the love and attention of the inhabitants that once called them home.

Before the Spanish Civil War, La Estrella was a tiny but lively village in Spain with a population of roughly 200, but following the war’s end in 1939, many residents left to pursue work in cities. Continued shifting economic tides have left La Estrella, and many similar villages throughout Spain, all but abandoned. The Last Two profiles Juan Martín Colomer and his wife Sinforosa, La Estrella’s last inhabitants. Left childless since the death of their daughter decades ago, Martín longs for life in a less isolated place, while Sinforosa refuses to leave her home.

Today Martín and Sinforosa share their village with their rooster, a few chickens,  25 cats (all called Michurrin) and their three dogs (all called Pichurrin). Until 2008 they also had more than 20 horses.

In 2014 they had a solar panel installed which allows them a certain amount of electricity, enough to power their refrigerator and radio. They do not have running water, so a regular trek to the fuente is needed, which is also where Sinforosa washes their clothes by hand. They now live in the former inn, belonging to the Bishop, adjacent to the church.

On the last Sunday in May each year and in November, pilgrims travel 24 kilometres from the nearest town of Mosqueruela to pay homage to the local saint. They are greeted with music and a big spread. But the village receives intrepid visitors most weekends too, all of whom are warmly welcomed by Martín and Sinforosa.

The following video has English language subtitles. Click and enjoy.

  • Directed by: David Beltran i Mari & Angello Faccini
  • Cinematography: Angello Faccini

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  1. Alf November 8, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Very sad but also very moving. It’s suddenly got very dusty in here.

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