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Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca on the sunny island of Lanzarote is a personal favourite! The newest of the 3 main resorts, Playa Blanca boasts a luxury Marina, ferry to Fuerteventura, and a number of excellent hotels. To the east of the town are the stunning Papagayo coves… regularly voted amongst the best in Spain. It was home to the owners of Spain Buddy for a number of years before they moved to Almeria.

Future plans for the town include a golf course to the west (although this has been on hold for many many years. A redesign of the harbour in the centre is currently underway to prepare the resort to receive cruise ships. In 2012, two water parks opened in the resort… Paradise Island and Lanzasur.

At the northern end of the resort is Montaña Roja, a dormant volcano. You can climb this easily in around 20 minutes, before walking around the rim. It is well worth the hike, as the views across the resort, over to Fuerteventura and Papagayo, and around to the salt plains behind, are beautiful. Make sure you take a look inside the crater where many people have left messages with the rocks. However, we do not recommend the walk on a windy day. Do wear sensible footwear – this is not a flip-flop jaunt. 

At the eastern end of the resort are the fabulous Papagayo coves, white sand beaches that are accessible by foot over cliffs by Los Coloradas, or by car down a dirt track off the Femes road. Take your own lunch and refreshments here as there is only one bar restaurant. If you are offended by nudity, these beaches are probably not for you as they attract those people that are seeking an all over tan.

Whilst on the subject of beaches, Playa Blanca has many to choose from. The main three are Playa Dorada between the town centre and the Marina Rubicon, Playa Flamingo towards the west, and Playa Blanca in the town centre. Playa Dorada has sunbeds and parasols available for hire at reasonable cost.

Snorkelling, diving, and other watersports are popular in the resort… and the sea is warm enough to get into all year round – although some might not be brave enough during the winter months.

Because it is located in the Canary Islands, the weather in Playa Blanca is warm all year round. Rainfall is very low – although when it comes it REALLY comes! Playa Blanca’s weather tends to be a little warmer than the rest of the island as it is protected by mountains on one side, and Fuerteventura to the south. This makes it less windy than the more northerly Costa Teguise.

Restaurants, bars and clubs in Playa Blanca

There is something for everyone in Playa Blanca. This makes it a very popular destination for families. In the town centre, the restaurants are everywhere. The seafront boasts some fabulous seafood places such as Pedro’s, Brisa Marina and La Chalanita. One or two rows back from the High Street and you can get Chinese, Italian, Indian, Spanish and Mexican. We must give special mention to Chacho Burger (click the link for more information).

Head to the Rubicon Marina for some more great restaurants, including one of our personal favourites, La Taberna, which serves up fantastic puntillas (deep-fried baby octopus).

We must also mention La Mulata, a small commercial centre close to the Natura Palace Hotel, which is home to a fabulous Greek restaurant (Sebastyans), as well as the ultra-cool Bar Marea (often incorrectly named La Manea). Bar Marea serves THE best mojitos!

Sadly, La Bocaina by the entrance to the town has now closed. We really miss their tornados rossini, pan fried scallops, and the hearty leg of lamb. However, the former chef owner, Paul Ecob, can come to your villa and cook your favourites! See for more information.

Additional personal recommendations include La Chalanita for flambee’d fish or paella, while Wax Bar has been one of our favourite places to catch the big boxing matches and football. Also great for live sports is Galeria, just to the left of Playa Blanca’s town centre beach as you face the water. Look up though – it’s on the first floor.

Want some late drinking? Or perhaps a bit of a boogie? Then get to CC Papagayo behind Playa Dorada. Bear in mind that these places tend not to fill until after midnight, so make sure you’ve grabbed a siesta earlier in the day or you’ll be wiped out too early.

Business, leisure and clubs in Playa Blanca

As a busy tourist resort, Playa Blanca’s main industry caters for the tourist with gastronomy and holiday accommodation taking centre stage. Workers in Playa Blanca are from many different nationalities, and generally rub shoulders together happily. The town has come a long way in recent years and now boasts some decent sized supermarkets including Hiperdino, Ropers and Spar.

Holiday villas in Playa Blanca

Of course there are some great hotels in Playa Blanca, but you’re really missing out if you don’t nab yourselves a private villa. They are a really cost effective way of holidaying in the resort, especially if you are a family or a group.

Shopping in Playa Blanca

There are countless gift shops in Playa Blanca, so you’ll always be able to find a souvenir to take home. Please be advised that the electronic shops in Playa Blanca have a horrific reputation. You’re not being clever by thinking you can haggle with them – these people are professionals and have conned thousands of people out of their hard earned cash. You have been warned. More information here: Camera Shop Scams

There are numerous supermarkets in Playa Blanca, so you should be able to find something close to your accommodation. Hiperdino is the largest supermarket in the Town Centre and has most things that you would need. 

Tourist Office

  • This is in a small kiosk located at the Eastern end of the pedestrianised area in the town centre.

SpainBuddy tip: Make your way to the western end of the resort, and get to the old Lighthouse for sunset – very romantic!

Emergency Services
  • Police/Ambulance/Fire: 112
  • Hospital (Arrecife) +34 928 595 000
  • Arrecife Airport +34 928 846 001
  • Playa Blanca Port +34 928 517 266
  • Arrecife Port +34 928 812 534
  • Playa Blanca / Yaiza +34 928 524 222
  • Britain: +34 928 262 508
  • Germany +34 928 275 700
  • Holland +34 928 242 382
  • Ireland +34 922 245 671

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