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Lanzarote is one of the larger Canary islands, located just off the coast of Northwest Africa.

Formerly the home of Spain Buddy’s owners, the island will always be very special to us. 

With its bustling resorts, sports’ facilities, amazing attractions, great driving routes around the island, breathtaking landscapes, a plethora of eateries from cheap eats to fine dining, the island has something to offer everyone. 

From the moment your plane or boat approaches the island, its unique landscape captures hearts.

Discover all of Lanzarote’s gems on your next visit. In the meantime, click any of the links on this page to explore the island further, from the comfort of your own home. 

Not only has this stunning island become an extremely popular holiday destination – it is also home to a melting pot of nationalities… all seeking warmer climes for their permanent homes.

Tourism is the busiest industry on Lanzarote, but we must also make special mention of the wines and foods that are a joy to enjoy on or off the island itself. 

Visit Lanzarote: you’ll be glad you did

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