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Jobs in Spain

Unless you have won the Euromillions, have been left some money by Great Auntie Edith, or have retired with a decent pension… everyone will need to find jobs in Spain in order to pay the bills, and afford that bottle of wine and tasty tapas.

Jobs in Spain

During the credit crisis, Spain was hit particularly hard… although it took a little longer for the tourism sector to be affected (because people still took their booked holidays). As times got tougher and job losses increased, a high percentage of people found themselves out of work. Particularly suffering, are the youngsters… with around half of them jobless at time of writing.

But all is not lost – there are still opportunities around, and things are on the up.

You could do a lot worse than to learn the language – this will open up more opportunities for you certainly. Also be aware that not all of your UK or US qualifications will be applicable in Spain, so check any rules for that before you book your one way flight and assume that you can walk into a brain surgeon’s role or that of a long distance truck driver.

Wages in Spain

You will almost certainly earn less than you may have done back in the UK or the USA – but remember that the cost of living is lower here too – so it all evens out.

However, there are still vacancies about, and the form on this website will help you look for jobs in Spain.

Using this form to find Jobs in Spain

Simply fill in the search box with a description of the job you are looking for – for example ‘Chef’ – and where you are looking – either ‘Spain’ for any area, or you can narrow your search by region or city. If you’re just looking for a city or region, but want to see what types of job are on offer just fill in the location box with, for example, ‘Malaga’.

It really is that simple! Good luck!

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