Spain Information

Where is Spain?

Spain is located in Southwestern Europe, and is flanked by Portugal on its western edge, by the Atlantic Ocean on its Northwestern corner; France and Andorra are to the North. Its South and Eastern coastlines are lapped at by the Mediterranean Sea, with the exception of a small land boundary that Spain shares with Gibraltar (a British Territory).

Spanish territory is not limited to the Mainland, it also encompasses the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean (just off the NW African coast), and two autonomous cities in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla), that border Morocco. Lastly, the town of Llívia is a Spanish exclave situated inside French territory. With an area of a little over half a million square kilometres, it is the fourth largest country in Europe. There are 17 regions of Spain, including the outlying islands that comprise the Balearics and Canaries. Each region is as different as its neighbour, and fiercely proud of their heritage.

Regions of Spain. Click the relevant flag to explore that area.
GaliciaAndalusiaExremaduraAsturiasCantabriaBasque CountryLa RiojaNavarreAragonCataloniaCastile y LeonMadridCastile La ManchaCastile La ManchaMurciaValenciaBalaeric IslandsCanariy Islands

What are the 17 regions of Spain?

Landscape and weather can vary dramatically across the regions, from the rolling sunbaked sand dunes of Gran Canaria to the snow capped mountains of Andalusia.