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Spain Buddy’s holiday rental affiliate program


Do you have a website, blog, Facebook page or group, or a popular Twitter account devoted to Spain in any way?

Would you like to make a little extra income from all your hard work?

If the answer is yes, please read on!

Welcome to our holiday rental advertising affiliate program.

holiday rentals in SpainHelping us promote our holiday rental advertising to property owners in Spain can help us build the site even further and, perhaps of much more interest to you, MAKE YOU MONEY.

The proposition is a very simple one, you help drive traffic to a page on our site from your website, blog, Facebook page or group, or other social media platform and we pay you €10 for every completed sign-up.

What we provide is;

  • Your own unique page address which tracks any users you send our way
  • Any banners you might need we’ll supply in any size you wish
  • Flexibility in customising a specific plan if you need it (using custom offer codes, just tell us what you need)
  • Some help with implementation if needed
  • And any other help and support you need from us to make this work for you

Using your unique URL you might;

  • Add a page to your website promoting our holiday rentals
  • Write a blog post or posts
  • Add text links where appropriate in your site
  • Share the link on Facebook  (all we ask is that you do so responsibly and avoid spamming)
  • Share the link on Twitter and other social media
  • Add banners to your site (just let us know what you want and we’ll make them size specific to your needs)
  • Do you run a holiday rentals business? You could email your owners and ask them to sign-up using your contact details thus bringing business for you both.

Some numbers to explain why property owners should be spending just €20 a year to advertise with us (yes we did say a year and not per month).

In 2019 Spain Buddy received just shy of one and 3/4 of a million visitors and way more than 50 million hits… plus our numbers increase almost daily! 2020 is already showing signs of smashing those figures!

Here at Spain Buddy we pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our partners, clients and users. We want to carry that over into this affiliate program. This is why we are also planning to incorporate specific offer codes so you can tailor your own promotions…

Here are just a few examples how that might work for you…

  • Lets say you are an author and you’d like to give a digital copy of your book as an added incentive for people to sign up. No problem, just ask us and we can either pass on an email address to you, or respond to the user with a download address. Of course this works with any digital products.
  • Perhaps your company might like to give a discount voucher for your products or services. Easily done. Just tell us what you need and we’ll provide an offer code or solution to fit.
  • Perhaps you want to send a free sample of some sort… No problem – we’ll help.
  • Something else you can think of that fits your business? We’ll accommodate you if it’s at all possible!

What are you waiting for?

Sign-up now!