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 Matthew Hirtes

Restaurant review: 200gramos (Gran Canaria)

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Hungry for restaurant reviews? Foodie Matthew Hirtes has visited many of Spain’s leading restaurants. In the first in a new series, he offers a guide to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s 200gramos.

Restaurant review: 200gramos (Gran Canaria)

Restaurant review: 200gramos (Gran Canaria)

200gramos….in five bite-sized chunks


Ostensibly a burger bar, 200gramos play louder-than-your-average background music to drown out the sound of fellow diners munching and slurping. In other joints, this can mean the local radio station blaring out the latest hits or further-in-your-face-more MTV on a big screen. But at 200gramos, their approach is to share what appears to be a Spotify playlist geared towards the more discerning ear with our table’s attention snared by the familiar hooks of family mixtape faves and electronic music saviours Metronomy.


200gramos very much champion their cocktails, with fruit-flavoured Mojitos, Daiquiris, Caipirinhas, and Margaritas, although the ice dilutes the booze too much for the liking of the adults on our table. Next time, we’ll order a litre of their Red Fruit and Cava Sangria which we’ve heard packs more of a punch with a friend calling it “silly juice” as it’s deceptively alcoholic. For a healthier kick, try one of their natural juices such as the Popeye & Olivia Detox, a worthy yet mouthwatering combination of spinach, coconut water, banana, pineapple, and lime.


Starters include melt-in-your mouth Nachos with guacamole and comfort staple Mac & Cheese finished with a topping of crunchy Iberian ham. 200gramos’ signature burger (beetroot-heavy vegetarian version available on request) is undoubtedly their Granjera: a dirty (in a good way) patty with accompanying fried egg, grilled tomato, goat’s cheese, and homemade red pepper jam. Finish your meal in style with Polvitos (the Uruguyan classic) improved here with the addition of what’s-not-to-love Oreos. As a vegetarian, there was still stuff to keep me happy.


There are now three branches of 200gramos in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: one at the El Cicer surfer section of Las Canteras beach and another in Ruiz de Alda, the pedestrianized street running parallel with the Gran Canaria capital’s second main shopping street: Mesa y López. We, however, visited our preferred 200gramos: in LP’s loveliest square, Plaza Cairasco in downtown Triana with an interior that goes big on street art and retro touches such as antique telephones and old-school globes.


You won’t break the bank eating out at 200gramos but neither is it the cheapest joint in town. The aforementioned cocktails are priced at €5, “silly juice” €15 a litre, and Popeye & Olivia Detox €3 for 25cl (€3,80 for 50cl). On the food front, a feed-the-family plate of Nachos retails at €5,90, Mac & Cheese €7,50, and the so-sloppy-you’ll-use-several-napkins-to-clean-yourselves-after-eating Granjera €6,90.


Main website: http://www.200gramos.com/

Zona Puerto

  • Address: Calle Ruiz de Alda, 26, puerta 13
  • Tlf: 928 91 81 43

Zona Triana

  • Address: Plaza Cairasco, 3
  • Tlf: 928 91 79 90

Zona Cicer

  • Address: Calle Numancia, 94. (Esq. Covadonga)
  • Tlf: 928 58 73 50

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Disclaimer: Our family of five (two adults and three boys) were invited to eat at 200gramos in exchange for a review. However, we have paid to eat there many, many times before. And make a point of introducing 200gramos to visiting family and friends too.


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