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 Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

Recycling initiative in Huercal Overa

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There is a recycling initiative in Huercal Overa, Almería, being overseen by the town council and in conjunction with CEIP San José de Calasanz and the recycling company Ecovidrio.

Recycling initiative in Huercal Overa

The campaign to raise public awareness of recycling, particularly, glass has been focussed on educating the younger residents of the town.

The children at CEIP San José de Calasanz were shown a presentation, “Envidriosos without borders”. An envidrioso is humourously defined as a person who feels unhappy or angry when their neighbours do not recycle glass as they do. The presentation included education and motivation to recycle… extolling the benefits of doing so.

Huercal Overa has been taking recycling to a new level recently with the installation of seven new recycling bins, all displaying the logo of the campaign.

The initiative was launched by the consortium for waste collection in the Levante area of Almería and was spearheaded by Ecovidrio.

Mayor of Huercal Overa, Domingo Fernandez, said, We have joined this campaign to continue to raise public awareness of the importance of glass recycling. It is important that citizens learn from a young age how important it is to recycle, to protect the environment and to be consistent with waste separation. ” He added, “This campaign has also provided the municipality with new containers for recycling glass, making new provisions available to our citizens.”

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