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PSOE seeks 75 per cent subsidy on flights

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A representative from La Gomera PSOE (Socialist Party) has asked the Spanish government to increase the 50 per cent subsidy for air travel that certain Canary Island residents receive, to 75 per cent for non-capital islands.

PSOE seeks 75 per cent subsidy

Iñaki Lavandera made the formal request for a previously demanded increase in subsidised air travel, and asked the Spanish government to dig deep for the 25 per cent increase which would affect non-capital islands of the Canaries. Lavandera went on to state that the regional body would pay this with their own funds until the government stepped up.

The proposal also asks for an increase in the subsidy for bus travel on the interior line of La Gomera to be increased to 50 per cent for Canarian residents. Lavandera suggested that there is political unanimity with the proposal to ensure the social cohesion across the islands and equal oppoirtunities among the citizens of the entire archipelago, regardless of where they live.

Lavandera explained that the main point of the proposal is to ensure access to inter-island passenger transport and, in particular, to the residents of the non-capital islands for travel to Tenerife and Gran Canaria as centers of reference to then access transit to other destinations or to access goods and services that are not available in the rest of the islands.

Lavandera said that, until now, “the possibility of subsidizing regional inter-island air transport for the residents of La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura has not been addressed.”

He continued to suggest that the interior line of La Gomera should have a better subsidy than currently offered for Canarian residents in general. Finally, he stated that the although the Government of Spain currently subsidizes 50 per cent of the cost of flights for Canarian residents, that the updating of this regime had already been on the table during which they asked for an increase of the bonus, mainly for the residents of the non-capital islands. “However, this update has not yet occurred and has no sign of being approved and endowed financially in the near future,” he warned.

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