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Playa Blanca ballerina wins scholarship

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Big news for a little girl this week as an 8-year-old Playa Blanca ballerina has won a sholarship at a dance school in Ireland.

Playa Blanca ballerina wins scholarship

Little Zoe Febles Peñate has earned to right to further enhance her training in classical ballet at the National Dance Academy of Ireland after being awarded a scholarship by the academy itself.

Her performance in in Burgos in southern Spain, on February 19 2017 in the “Mini” category of classical ballet at the World Dance Competition, wowed the judges which led to the award. One of the Jury members, Richard D’Alton (a professor at the National Dance Academy of Ireland), praised Zoe’s performance and explained that this contributed greatly to her being awarded the prestihious scholarship. More than 1300 dancers of varying ages performed at the Burgos event.

Zoe was very excited about her Burgos trip, to which she travelled with her parents and Rachael Thompson, director of the dance school in Playa Blanca that bears her name.

Yesterday (Monday February 27 2017) the mayor of Yaiza, Gladys Acuña, congratulated Zoe on her performance whilst also acknowledging the parents and the Rachel Thompson Dance School, “who have helped shape the career of this girl from an early age… instilling values such as respect, solidarity, discipline and study.”

Teacher Rachael Thompson trains children and young people in dance and classical ballet and has provided performances for various municipal and island events.

Well done Zoe – you have already made lots of people very proud, and we are sure that you will continue to do so. Enjoy Ireland!

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