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Moving to Spain? Congratulations!

This section can help with articles to advise you on all aspects of making Spain your new home.

Moving to Spain is a decision that many of us have made over the years. For most of us, the move came after a period of intense research… in order to find the right country for us. For others, it was emotion that drew them here… perhaps after a memorable holiday.

Whatever the motivation, moving to Spain can be easy or it can be hard, depending on your personal circumstances. Let’s look at some of the more popular questions we are asked here at Spain Buddy.

Can I just move to Spain? Or, is it difficult to move to Spain?

The short answer is “Yes, you can just move to Spain” but of course it can be more complicated than that – depending on where you are currently resident or which country you are a citizen of. It’s not difficult to move to Spain – just a little work is needed in most cases.

If you are an EU citizen, then you have the right to up and move at any time to another EU country.

Can US citizens move to Spain?

It is not so simple when moving from a non-EU country. Not impossible, just a little tougher. Be sure to check which visa you may need for your own circumstances.

Is it worth it moving to Spain? 

Well we’re biased of course – otherwise we wouldn’t still be living here since 2006. 

There are so many things to love about this country that it is no wonder so many of us have moved here.

How much money do I need to move to Spain? 

The amounts very, depending upon your personal living style obviously.

You may be renting a small apartment for just £500 per month, or you may have your eye set on a mansion which would cost thousands. 

How many times a week do you wish to eat out? How active will you be in local events, sports and activities? Are you a bargain shopper, or one who prefers named brands? 

Info coming soon!

Can I move to Spain with no job? 

Yes of course you can! This will dictate which visa you need to apply for (if you are currently resident in a non-EU country).

Some have retired here once they reached their legal age. Others retired early. Some simply have enough funds in their bank that they don’t need to work. 

Whatever your circumstances, there will be an applicable visa for you. We advise that you speak to a legally qualified person in the area of Spàin you are considering – they’ll be able to help you with the paperwork.

Can I get residency in Spain if I buy a house?

Yes, of course you can… if you are planning to spend more than 183 days per year here. Anything less than that and you are not considered resident, so residency shouldn’t be applied for. 

Then there’s the other way: Golden Visa

What are the downsides of living in Spain?

To be honest, this isn’t the easiest to talk about – what some see as a downside, others see as a positive.

The one thing that keeps popping up as a negative, however, is the Spanish paperwork trail for ooh… just about everything! Nail that and you’ll be able to cope with anything else along the way.

Another reason we’ve seen regularly is people returning to the UK because “nobody spoke our language and so we didn’t feel welcome”. Well enough said about that the better!

Does Spain have free healthcare?

Kind of, yes. Most of us pay into the Social Security system via our employers or as “autónomo” (self-employed), which entitles us to use the Spanish healthcare system. It’s the same as paying National Insurance in the UK.

Others have dual agreements in place with their country of citizenship.

If neither apply to you – then you may need to take out private health insurance. 

What bills do you have to pay in Spain?

We could be here all day answering this one!

The short version, however, would suggest that you would need to pay utility bills, plus a variety of taxes.

What jobs are in high demand in Spain?

Being so focussed on Tourism, Spain of course has a variety of jobs within the hospitality industry. 

Do not underestimate Spain’s place in the Techie world. Barcelona especially is now considered quite the hub for programmers and other technical roles.

Can I get a job in Spain without speaking Spanish?

There are areas/pockets of Spain where particular countrymen (yes, and women) have made it their own and where their native language/s are spoken in preference to Spanish.

These areas are ideal for those that wish to enjoy the Spanish weather, while having the safety net of their own language if they need help. There will always be jobs in your language in these areas, and of course in tourist areas also.

Of course if you take the time to learn the language of your new home, more doors will be opened for you.