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Elle, along with Alan, is the owner of Spain Buddy and the busy web design business - Spain Web Design by Gandy-Draper. Born a "Norverner", she then spent most of her life "Dann Saff" before moving to Spain in 2006. Elle's loves are Alan, the internet, dogs, good food, and dry white wine - although not necessarily in that order.


  1. Alf S
    June 3, 2014 @ 2:37 pm

    Oi Elle, I’m a Daily Wail reader ( only online though, I’m not daft enough to pay €2.20 for it out here ) and I’ve got a sense of humour, I must have to be reading it the first place. I think it’s my sense of humour that’s got me permanently banned from ever posting, usually very ascerbic comments on their, usually very badly written and inaccurate articles. It seems some of their scribblers take exception to being called illiterate, thick, lazy copy & pasters with an average IQ of a one legged amoeba.
    Nice article. Since we moved to Lanzarote we’ve met a more than a few people that this could have been written about. I think you’ll know the type, ” run a bar, easy, how hard can it be, I’ve drunk in loads of ’em “, or, ” I’ve changed a wheel and fitted a new screen wiper thingy, I’ll set up as a mobile mechanic, after all, no one else will have thought of that. ”

    PS. By the way, where can I get a copy of that e book ” Zero to Hero: With No Effort At All “?


    • Elle Draper
      June 3, 2014 @ 2:45 pm

      Ha ha, I knew you’d enjoy it Alf. I stopped reading the DM some time ago – but every now and again a link somewhere will catch me out.
      So… if you liked that… you’ll like this (plus it answers your PS question – kind of): (blame Alan)
      Elle x


    • john b
      June 4, 2014 @ 6:01 pm

      Daily Mail is not a bad read,cheap using Kindle,even cheaper buying from US site $9.99 a month instead of £9.99,same with books too , $ instead of £


      • Elle Draper
        June 4, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

        I buy all my Kindle books in $ using .com – they won’t let me use anyway, living in Spain. But no – we shall have to agree to disagree on the DM.
        Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment x


        • Alf S
          June 5, 2014 @ 5:04 pm

          We had the same problem with our Kindles when we changed our address to Lanzarote. A simple solution is available if you’ve got an address in the UK you can use just as an invoice address. We solved it by using my sisters address in Cornwall, after all you don’t get a hard copy invoice for Kindle books anyway. This way, we can buy Kindle books from ( better choices I think than on .com ) with no problems as well as having anything else physically delivered to us out here using the alternative delivery address facility. Another plus is the VAT is knocked off for delivery to the Canaries, ( sorry Elle, that bit won’t apply to you ;¬) ), shame they stopped the super saver free delivery though. One important thing for anyone living in the Canaries to remember, is to include your NIE/NIF number as part of your address, otherwise your packages disappear into a customs shed in Gran Canaria until you pay an extortionate ransom.
          Now I just need to get my Kindle working again and I’ll be a happy bunny.

          PS.That picture of the house on doesn’t look much like an Andalucian Cotijo to me and I would think your local roads would be a bit rough for the Ferrari too. The long hair and beard really don’t suit Alan at all. I know there’s some small print under the pics but my €2.50 reading glasses aren’t up to it, in fact, I’ve got a suspicion that site might not be as genuine as it makes out to be.

          PPS. The first pic is of you though, isn’t it ;~)


          • Elle Draper
            June 5, 2014 @ 5:37 pm

            He he he ;)

      • Alf S
        June 5, 2014 @ 4:22 pm

        It’s cheaper still online, ie. it’s free, just as well really considering the amount of absolute c**p they fill it with. I had to stop perusing it today as my blood pressure was getting dangerously high, oh and Mrs Alf told me off for swearing too much.


  2. José
    June 4, 2014 @ 7:10 pm

    Thanks God that its a humorous article my blood was burning to hearing how easy is to be a builder here , i had very bad experiences with english builders like this from your article and I couldnt imagine how this british woman can advise to do this , my neighbour a good man had to be done three times his terrace for this kind of persons as you perfectly describe in your article . So british people be carreful who is going to work for you please.
    By the way the spanish builders are the best , unemployeds but the best jeje


    • Elle Draper
      June 4, 2014 @ 7:28 pm

      Oh yes – it is meant to be humourous. It is a common joke among British people that the British builders are awful ;)
      Thank you for leaving a comment Jose – it is great to see more and more Spanish people liking our website. E x


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