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Lanzarote Feria de Tapas a success again

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Councillor for Tourism in Arrecife in Lanzarote, Rafael Juan González, has declared the Lanzarote  Feria de Tapas a success again with more than 3000 people attending.

Lanzarote Feria de Tapas a success again

Breaking records for another year, the Feria de Tapas remains one of the highlights during Arrecife’s carnival week.

González said, “It is a pleasure to see how every year people respond in a massive way and how this gastronomy feature during the carnival has been growing in popularity.”

He continued, “Four years ago, when we first decided to organize the Fair Carnival, although many people came, only a few chose to get into fancy dress; However, today everyone is dressed up and participation is great. Thanks to the Feria deTapas we managed to cover the Carnival del Dia in order that the whole family can enjoy and live the carnival in the streets.”

At 12:00 noon the first tapas began to be tasted and the first rhythms began to play on the stage in the José Ramírez Cerdá park.

People of all ages and in fun costumes of all kinds enjoyed the gastronomic offerings of the 25 establishments that gathered on Saturday.

Rafael Juan González also highlighted the large number of tourists who joined the party and who took advantage of their holidays “to know and share our gastronomy and our carnival”.

The day was also enlivened by Tío Matt, DJ Maxi, the Orquesta Platino of Valencia, Los Conjeros, Méndez, Lucrecia and Alejo Stivel. There were also workshops for children and beach bars for thirtsy visitors in the surrounding areas.

The 22 degree temperatures only served to encourage attendees who were protected by the Proteccion Civil and Policia Local.

Councillor for Fiestas, David Duarte said, “we are proud to offer a party for all ages. Entire families enjoyed getting into fancy dress for a fun day where the music and the streets of Arrecife were the protagonists. I am grateful for the coordination among the councils to bring the Carnival to all regardless of the age of each one.”

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