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If you would like to get involved and be featured on the website… we would love to hear from you! The only criteria is that you are a non-Spanish national and that you either live in Spain… or have a very strong connection to it. You must also have a good photograph (your head and shoulders) You can submit your own answers via the following link: www.spainbuddy.com/interview.


  1. Penny Sadler
    January 22, 2016 @ 3:16 am

    Hey I’d be interested in a consultation.

  2. Elle Draper Elle Draper
    January 22, 2016 @ 11:19 am

    I shall send your email to Rebecca and let you guys chat. xx

  3. Rebecca French
    January 29, 2016 @ 11:53 am

    Hi Penny,

    Thank you for your enquiry and sorry for the late reply. Ill give myself a slap on the wrist ;)

    I would be more than happy to speak to you and set up a free consultation.

    Please message me on:
    Tribeccavirtualassistants@mail.com or call/watsapp on 0034 667 366 270.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Your Virtual Assistant, Rebecca :)

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