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 Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

Huercal Overa photography exhibition

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Residents and visitors can enjoy a Huercal Overa photography exhibition until Jun 29, held in the town’s theatre. The show, called CoFHo, displays photographs by 12 photographers.

Huercal Overa photography exhibition

The show opened yesterday, June 10, and was inaugurated by the town’s mayor, Domingo Fernández, and the councillor for Culture, Antonio Lazaro.

CoFHo combines photography and Huércal-Overa, each with its own look and vision, but all with the same passion and commitment to photography.

Lazaro explained: “Huercal Overa shows commitment to the values ​​of our town in the shows in which our artists have had the space to exhibit. Today we do it with a large cast of Huercal Overa photographers that reflect their passion for photography in their work. Some have made photography their profession, some of them as a hobby – but all of them have it in their lives as the core.”

The mayor enthused: “Some of these great photographers have already been in our theater with exhibitions, others others have been winners of competitions organized by the council – but now we can see an extraordinary joint show, all of the exhibitors having the nexus of photography. For us it is an honor to have their work in our theater and what is even more these artists can now exhibit in our municipality.”

Fernandez invited everyone to visit the show. He concluded: “Nobody can leave feeling indifferent because they are photographs that arouse feeling.”

The exhibition is composed of works of different themes including portraits and nature but all with Huercal Overa as the link. Photographers who are included are: Francisco Tamayo, Juan Jesús García, Walter Rodríguez, Melanie Pérez, Adrián Morata, Almudena Pérez, María González, José Fernández, Carlos González, Aurora Ávila, Juan Luis Fernández and Salvador Gómez Sánchez.

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