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Gran Canaria News | Cabildo supports film industry

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The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has shown its support for the film industry on the island during a short visit by President Antonio Morales, and the Minister of Tourism, Inés Jimenez, to the filming of “El futuro ya no es lo que era” (The future is not what it was), whose director, Pedro Barbero, has announced he will return to the island with all the equipment for the premiere production.

Gran Canaria News | Cabildo supports film industry

The film industry has in recent years become an important source of income for Gran Canaria with its spectacular locations, the ability to shoot all year for its excellent climate, and its tax incentives.

“El futuro ya no es lo que era” is the new project of the Malaga actor Dani Rovira, who along with Jose Corbacho, Carmen Maura, Yolanda Ramos and Carolina Bang, stars in this dramatic comedy directed by Pedro Barbera, who remains on the island until next week.

Antonio Morales stressed: “It is very important for Gran Canaria’s promotion of this type of film production, films that are destined to become big blockbusters.”

Pedro Barbero announced to the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the president of the Tourism Council that he will return to the island to present the film. This event will provide a great media impact nationally because “El futuro ya no es lo que era” is tipped as the “next big thing” for the director.

“Gran Canaria is a natural setting that offers countless possibilities, so we must continue working to strengthen the audiovisual industry to producing on the island can find everything they need,” said Ines Jimenez.

After successes by Dani Rovira in ‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ (Eight Basque Surnames) and ‘Ahora o nunca’ (Now or Never), the presence of the Malaga player in this tape ensures that the film, shot in Gran Canaria, will again triumph at the box office.

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