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Easyjet celebrates 1m passengers to Fuerteventura

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It was time for cake this week as easyJet celebrates 1m passengers to Fuerteventura. Miguel Angel Izquierdo was met after his flight from London Gatwick by the Director of Fuerteventura Airport, Jose Luis Lopez Chapí and COO of easyJet Fuerteventura, Rosana Medina.

Easyjet celebrates 1m passengers to Fuerteventura

Since it started its operations on the island in 2007 with a connection to Madrid, easyJet has grown significantly with Fuerteventura now enjoying connections to five major European destinations (Bristol, Basel, London, Liverpool and Hamburg) enabling it to reach the millionth passenger this week.

Passenger 1,000,000, who landed on April 7 2016, was Miguel Angel Izquierdo, originally from Gran Canaria, who was met on arrival on the flight from London Gatwick by the Director of Fuerteventura Airport, Jose Luis Lopez Chapí and COO of easyJet Fuerteventura, Rosana Medina. After landing the plane, and his utter surprise, Miguel reached the babbage area to find a small party in his honor. Also in attendance were the Vice President of the Cabildo and Minister of Tourism, Blas Costa and Tourist Board director Jorge Moses, who delivered a bouquet of flowers to the lucky passenger.

Miguel was asked to cut a celebratory cake and pose for photographs before being given a complimentary return flight by the company.

Javier Gandara, CEO of easyJet in Spain, said: “Today is definitely a celebration for easyJet, as we reached one million passengers at the airport of Fuerteventura – a very significant figure. This is a very positive development for the airline, and that is why we wanted to involve our passengers, because the success of the company lies in the loyalty and trust they have placed in easyJet over the years.

Javier Gandara added: “Since the start of operations at the airport in 2007, easyJet has managed to increase the number of passengers and establish new routes in Fuerteventura, hoping to transport this year more than 211,000 passengers, which would increase by approximately 12% compared to the figure achieved in 2015.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism and Vice President of the Cabildo, Blas Acosta, commented: “Today we wanted to join the celebration with easyJet in Fuerteventura Airport because it is a company with which we have excellent relations and with which we have worked together for 5 years in different marketing activities aimed at fostering tourism promotion of the island in some European destinations easyJet… in the UK, and Germany and Switzerland.”

Finally, Luis Lopez Chapí, Director of Fuerteventura Airport, commented: “This celebration and this success, in part by all those who are yet to come, it is the result of the hard work of all of us here present. easyJet sincerely thanks you for the trust you have always placed in our very high level of quality services. We are fully prepared to continue to provide quality, capacity and safety. Count on us for the next two million.”

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