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Doggies need your blankets plus Eddie and Poppy need your love

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We are trying to keep warm but doggies need your blankets too! It’s easy to wrap your own pets up to keep them warm, but please also spare a thought for those that are in shelters too.

Doggies need your blankets plus Eddie and Poppy need your love

Doggies need your blankets plus Eddie and Poppy need your love

APSA in Albox have asked us to share the following message on their behalf.

“We need your old blankets!

This year it is much sooner much colder than usual! We’re very worried, we’re running out of dog beddings ? Sadly our dogs have to live outside, so a proper shelter and a bed is all we have to keep them warm. If you have any old blankets, towels, bedsheets or even really ugly or broken clothing, please donate it to us so we can make sure our dogs all have enough bedding and are as warm as possible specifically during the freezing cold nights.

Please donate! Donations can be dropped off at our Charity Shop, Avenida Lepanto 25 in Albox (please notice shop will be closed tomorrow (December 6), Wednesday, and Friday 8th for the Spanish Bank holidays). You can also drop them off at our stall at Los Llanos every Saturday! Thank you so much!”

If you are not near to APSA… perhaps contact your nearest shelter – wherever you are – and see if they need your blankets and rugs too! Let’s all try to keep the doggies warm this winter.

Can you help find a home for these two lovelies too?

Poppy the Oldie

This little girl is so special, so good, so gentle. Just look at those eyes!!! So why has no one shown any interest in her EVER???

Poppy is (besides Eddie, below) our oldest dog at the kennels, she is 12 years of age now and still waiting

She doesnt have much time left to find her forever home and enjoy it, at least for a little while – so would be perfect for someone who perhaps can’t commit to a decade of dog care. Poppy is one of the best dogs you will ever meet, she is so calm and gentle and friendly. She is no trouble at all, great with other dogs (pretty sure she is fine with cats, we can test) and she loves hugs, loooooong hugs.

She is a joy to have around, she is such a sweet old lady. There must be someone out there who can see her beauty and wants to make this girls biggest dream come true? Please help us to get our Poppy into a home. It is cold at night, it is so hard on the oldies to live in an outside pen. Like Eddie, Poppy needs to get out ASAP! Is there anyone who sees how pretty and loving she is and wants to share the rest of her life with her? 12 years old female, medium size, beautiful brindle

Eddie the Proper Old Gentleman.

Look at this sweet, loving face with the gentle eyes… This is our boy Eddie, he is one of two really old oldies left at our kennels.

Eddie is 12 years old and life hasn’t been very good with him. When he came in our care, he was so terrified of the world that he didnt want to have anything to do with the world. Not with people, not with other dogs.

But at the kennels Eddie met Daisy, another rescue dog. He loved and trusted her and little by little Daisy brought Eddie back to life. Sadly Daisy passed away some months ago but Eddie is still here and Eddie is getting very old. This will probably be his last Christmas and he never has spent Christmas in a home, with a family that loves him.

Can we find this beautiful, gentle boy a home or foster home where he can spend his last time in peace and being loved up?! Eddie is a big dog but so calm and gentle, you almost don’t know he is there. He is still a more shy chap, no trouble with anyone, all he needs is a cozy bed and someone who loves him.

It would absolutely break our hearts if Eddie would be another oldie who passes away at night at the kennels, please everyone help us by sharing and spreading the word! Make his wish come true and help us to find Eddie a loving home, we want him to experience what it means to be part of a family before it is too late.

You can find out more about APSA by visiting the following links

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