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Costa Blanca news. April 2

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Costa Blanca and Valencia news selection from the last seven days and upcoming items. This week includes a gang breakup in Valencia, a double shooting in Alicante… oh dear… erm… so we also have some cheery news including a bonsai display in Elche, a new bus service and record temperatures for Torrevieja. Published on Thursdays.

Valencia news

Gang disbanded in ValenciaGang disbanded in Valencia

An organised gang that was defrauding the elderly of their assets has been disbanded by the Guardia Civil.

During the ARUBA operation, Guardia Civil officers raided three homes in the town of Carlet (Valencia), leading to the arrest of six people of Romanian nationality and the seizure of various documents, 12 mobile phones, three tablets, various items of jewellery, two large machetes and two guns.

The six detainees consisted of three men and three women, aged between 15 and 37, of the same extended family. After identifying and locating the suspects, the officers arrested them for their involvement in crimes of fraud, obstruction of justice, prostitution, fraud, threats, robbery and criminal group membership.

The members of the network were well organized. The women in the group were used to target the elderly and gain their trust, while men were charged with committing criminal acts, which including threatening their victims in case of hindrances that would prevent them from committing their scams.

To gain the trust of the victims, the women promised to take care of the elderly victims, thereby gaining access to their homes. Once inside, they stole whatever valuables they could find. They also stole documentation from the victims to register mobile phones.

In more than one case, the victims were convinced to sell their homes and share the money from the sale, or place the property in the names of the detainees. In one case they convinced a man of 92 years to sell his home in the town of Godella (Valencia) and use the money from the sale to pay for for care-giving.

Officers also learned that the male members of the organization forced the women members of the network into prostitution.

The six detainees and the case details have been available to the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Carlet although investigations remain open.

Elche news


The Elx Bonsai Club, founded in 1994, is holding an exhibition in the City Park from tomorrow until Sunday (April 3 to 5) to showcase various species of Bonsai, including native species such as olive, fig, carob and pomegranate.

Approximately 120 trees of 50 species will be on display. Mediterranean species such as olive, pomegranate and carob trees, conifers like pine and juniper trees, fruit trees like apple and cherry trees, deciduous trees such as elms and poplars, and tropical species such as ficus.

In addition to the display, a course is running from April 18 to May 16 on four Saturday afternoons, to teach people an introduction to bonsai.

Opening hours for the display in the city park are Friday from noon until 2pm and 4pm until 8pm, Saturday will be open from 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm. Sunday is open from 10am to 2pm.

Torrevieja news

Hot hot hot!

Torrevieja enjoyed its hottest March day since 1927 according to reports from Proyecto Mastral.

Torrevieja reached 32.2 degrees Celsius on March 30 and 31. April arrived with temperatures more consistent for this time of year.

La Marina news

New bus service for La Marina

Councillor for Transport, Justino Delgado, has announced that from Monday April 6 a new bus service connects La Marina, La Hoya and Elche to the beaches of Pinet and la Pesquera.

The new bus service will run every Sunday and public holidays and covers Elche De La Hoya, La Marina and the beaches of La Marina. Departure will be from the bus station in Elche at 10am, from Hoya at 10.10am and from La Marina at 10:35am, arrving at the beaches at 10.40am.

Return journeys leave the beaches at 7pm, arriving in La Marina 7.10pm, La Hoya at 19.25pm and Elche at 19.35pm.

News in Alicante

Couple shot dead in AlicanteCouple shot dead in Alicante

British couple Peter and Jean Tarsey, both aged 77, were found dead in each others’ arms at their villa in Xalo in Alicante on Sunday afternoon. They both had gunshot wounds according to the Guardia Civil.

According to police there were no signs of a break in, although a television was missing and a computer was found in the swimming pool. According to the police there were no suspicions that the elderly couple had been involved in criminal activity.

The couple had been living in Spain for 18 years. Peter Tarsey, a former diver, competed for Great Britain at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne and had also competed in the Commonwealth Games 1958.

The couple were discovered by friends, who had become concerned that they had not been seen for several days.

The Guardia Civil is now awaiting the results of post-mortem examinations and investigations continue.”

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