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Costa Blanca news. April 16

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Costa Blanca, Murcia and Valencia news selection from the last seven days and upcoming items. This week includes jellyfish, Starbucks and a Rock Choir in Denia. Published on Thursdays. Sorry it’s a short one today – back to normal next Thursday.

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Costa Blanca news

Alicante news

Alicante news - Starbucks comes to AlicanteStarbucks comes to Alicante

Anyone craving a cup of Starbucks coffee in Alicante have historically needed to have a boarding pass and be the other side of passport control in Alicante-Elche airport.

This is all set t change however, with the opening of Alicante’s first Starbucks cafe that the public can access. The new store will be located inside El Corte Ingles Federico Soto.

The new store comes as part of a major agreement signed between Starbucks and El Corte Inglkes which could see new Starbucks stores located inside El Corte Ingles stores across the country soon.

Benidorm news

Benidorm news - Drug dealers arrestedDrug dealers arrested

National police have arrested two men and a woman, all Spanish, in Benidorm.

The detentions are the result of two operations. The first took place after several weeks of investigation resulting in a man of 37 years was arrested. The man was selling drugs from a rented garage in a building in the centre of Benidorm. Police seized drugs including amphetamines, seven grams of hashish, 120 tablets, 11 vials of anabolic steroids as well as ammunition.

The second operation resulted in the arrest of a married couple of 61 and 56 years of age. The couple had been under investigation for several months on suspicion of selling cocaine and heroin from a residence in Benidorm and from their home in La Nucia.

All detainees and the cases details have been passed to the court for processing.

Denía news

Denia news - Denis Rock ChoirDenia Rock Choir

Let’s face it – most of us have had a singalong in the shower, the bath, the car, or while doing the housework. Well in Denia there is a group of people who love a good tune and who gather once a week to share their love of rock – Denia Rock Choir. they’d love to meet you!

The choir was started by Clare Hunt and a good friend of Spain Buddy, Maya Middlemiss, after a conversation in a Facebook group at the end of 2014. Maya had been missing the camaraderie and singing from a previous group and wondered if there was anything along the same lines in Denia, and if not whether people would be interested in setting one up.

Before long, people were clamouring to join and the Denia Rock Group was born.

Hostal Loreto approached the group and offered the use of their function room. Now there was a group, and premises… but they needed someone to teach and conduct. Enter Jan Dewland as the perfect choice and reherasals began in January 2015.

As well as meeting every Thursday, the choir also has their own Facebook group where members can download song lyrics and chat about preferred song choices.

The songs are really varied, and future offerings include Adele, Avicii, ELO and Coldplay with some classics from Simon & Garfunkel and Queen. There is something to suit everyone and new members are very welcome.

If you would like to join the Denia Rock Choir, you can contact them via the Denia Rock Choir Facebook group or by nipping along to join them at 6pm any Thursday at Hostal Loreto, Calle Loreto 12, Denia. You’re too late for today – but why not schedule it in for next week!

Murcia news

Murcia news - Jellyfish warning

Wikimedia Commons

Jellyfish warning

Several areas of La Manga awoke Wednesday plagued by thousands of Pelagia noctiluca, a purple variety of jellyfish that can cause skin irritation.

The thousands of jellyfish were washed ashore by the east wind according to Julio mas, a researcher at the Oceanographic Centre of Murcia, after analyzing several photographs taken in areas including Castillo de Mar.

This type of jellyfish, approximately 5-10 cm in diameter, are usually seen far from the coast but Mas explained: “The eastern wind, very strong in the last three days, has blown in the direction perpendicular to La Manga and jellyfish have been pushed to the coast. Had it been a west wind blowing the problem would be in Alicante.”

The researcher warned that the water will not be usable in the next week or so, because there will be tissue debris and filaments detached from jellyfish floating along the coast that could still cause a skin reaction.

San Javier council explained that work to restore the normal state of the beaches and remove the carcasses begins today (Thursday April 16). The same sources confirmed that they had contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, which confirmed them that they were aware of the problem, which has been repeated in other coastal areas, including the port of Mazarrón”.

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