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Corralejo harbour goes digital

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Corralejo harbour has firmly entered the diigital age with a brand new infopoint for visitors. Correlejo in the Canary Islands is a firm favourite with holidaymakers, and now they can find out more about the area.

Corralejo harbour goes digital

Image ©La Oliva Ayuntamiento

Easy to use, it has information of interest of the municipality in several languages and was recently presented at the FITUR exhibition.

The harbour now has the “giant iPad” installed, containing all the tourist information of the municipality of La Oliva. “We have put this point of interactive tourist information in the station of the dock of Corralejo where one million tourists pass the year and that remains open during the hours of service of the own dock”, said the Councilor of Tourism of La Oliva, Rosa Fernández.

The corner where this device is installed is decorated with a mural that shows attractive images of the municipality, highlighting many of the places and activities of interest, from beaches to museums and from diving to the Festival of Comets.

“From the ‘Home’ screen we can access all the tourist offerings of La Oliva, the same information that we offer in the tourist offices,” said Rosa Fernández. “Among the places of interest we can highlight the island of Lobos, the areas for hiking, flights, gastronomy, and the annual agenda of all cultural, sporting and leisure events scheduled in the north of the island.”

The ‘giant iPad’ works very simply. Just touch the screen to navigate around all of the content. For example, if we click on the Lobos Island button, other windows will open that offer us geographic and historical information, beaches and islet trails on the small neighbouring island. If we seek more information about each area, we can just click on the corresponding button.

In addition, this device has a function that allows the user to interact with the outside world to send postcards to family and friends. You simply select an image  and then add your text. The postcard is sent digitally to your specified recipient.

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