1. Mr. Raymond Leslie Bailey
    November 24, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

    I wholey agree with your ideals, surely there should have been an individual voting system so that persons wishing to stay as EU persons or not could have voted.
    Is this a more democratic situation. This would then surely give any & all expats the ability to decide were they wanted to be without any compromises.
    But as you say there were so many lies told, so many promises have already been broken.


  2. Chris Gamble
    November 24, 2016 @ 6:05 pm

    It is good to know there are those in Brussels who are prepared to reach out (for want of another term) to us ‘BritIn’ or Remain British Citizens living in the EU outside of the UK.
    This adds immense weight to our position and the more MEP’s support this motion or idea then the more pressure will be heaved onto Brexit.
    The call by Alt-Right Conservatives disguised as UKIP smell rebellion and so are calling for a cliff-fall exit. These are predominantly the minority who aim to destroy the European Union so it makes perfect sense there is a very strong rebuff from the European Parlimentry Members. 48% becomes much more powerful when standing shoulder to shoulder with Remain MEP’s.
    This is a great post from spainbuddy.com and must be shared like crazy.


  3. Jeff Lewis
    December 1, 2016 @ 8:43 am

    Amendment 882 is loathed by the Brexiters who see this as a zero sum game, which is unfortunate.

    But it’s actually much more complex than they want to admit. Many Britons, like myself, weren’t permitted to vote in the referendum. Some of us live outside Europe, but many also live IN Europe having chosen to move there – which was one of the whole points of the EU project: the right to move about all of the EU.

    To many of us, we aren’t abandoning the UK – WE were abandoned by it. Should Brexit happen, we will have rights taken away from us without our having a chance to have a say in it, rights we clearly value as we are actually using them.

    Amendment 882 is, in a way, the best compromise. If it comes to be, we can hold onto a right we treasure in a culture we associate with and share, while still being a part of the UK. And yes, we don’t mind paying our fair share. We’re not looking for a free ride from either side.

    The argument that we cannot be part of both but must only belong to one is parochial, divisive and simplistic. If the nation votes Tory and I vote Labour, does that mean I shouldn’t be a UK citizen either since clearly I don’t share the views of the majority? Or that I should give up and become a Tory? It’s essentially the same here. Citizens of the EU and the UK have far more in common than they have differences.

    In the end, I thank Mr. Goerens for championing this cause whether it comes to fruition or not. It’s not surprising, I guess, that the only ideas that try to unite us in our differences come from Europe – while the ideas that try to use our differences as a wedge to split us apart come from the UK.


  4. Beverley Friend
    December 4, 2016 @ 10:18 am

    I have been dis-enfranchised in the U.K. for a long time as many British Citizens are when the have left the country for more than 15 years. As far as I know that means about 2 million in the E.U. Although I can vote for the local councillors and become one in the commune where I live, but not be the Mayor or deputy Mayor. On joining the E.U. we immediately became European Citizens with the same rights as the nationals of the E.U. Country we decided to live and work in which is the point of the E.U. If Brexit occurs we are all suddenly in limbo as we will automatically lose the European Citizenship and be forced to be a “little englander”.
    If I could have voted although being an old man I would have voted to stay and for more integration up to a United States of Europe U.S.E I was born in 1938 and have lived on the European Continent since 1961, 55 years. I moved to Geneva then as now a Multinational, Multilingual, Multicultural city to work at CERN, which was also Multinational, Multilingual, Multicultural Laboratory. Living with many nationalities you soon realize that that Nationalities do not matter and that you make your friends with people who have the same and similar interests, showing clearly that multiculturalism works. I would not like to live in the Britain I left most people were poor and Sundays were dire and it seems that many of the Brexiters would like to return to these days. I much prefer Britain now than then and the food is much better. The rate of change for the better increased when Britain eventually joined the E.U. I am now retired and am living still close to Geneva but in France in the Bresse. Trading around Europe is much easier without having to calculate and pay customs duty and wilth a common currency, this is helped by the WEB before the WEB. I used faxes and or Telexes. The Brexiters assume that this free trade will stay if they win, their mantra is “They need us more than we need them” or we are getting our country back” which is pathetic nonsense. Why would the rest of the worlds countries with agreements with the E.U. the biggest and richest trading group in the world start renegotiations with solitary Britain.
    Farage boasts “we are going global” however if he just looked at the origins of the products in his local Supermarket he would know Britain already trades globally even if it is via the E.U.
    If necessary I’ll take out French nationality to keep the rights I already have, I believe John Lennon was right, get rid of countries and religion and there will be less wars and more love in the world.


  5. Alison Coutanche
    December 4, 2016 @ 6:15 pm

    Thank you so much for standing up for us!


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