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elleAs you can imagine many hundreds, more likely thousands, of hours have gone and into creating this website. It also takes many hours each week keeping that content coming and managing our ever-growing Facebook page to bring you not just our content but also a selection of the best Spain related articles from others. Most of those often thankless hours are Elle’s.

If you’re a regular visitor to the site and appreciate the work that she puts in to ‘bring you the best of Spain’… if you appreciate the publicity she gives to your business, books, or website in our content or shares through our social networks and mailing list… if you’ve availed yourself of the free business directory or any other of the free services the site offers how about dipping your hand in your pocket, or more precisely PayPal, and clicking the subscribe button below.

You won’t get anything extra (apart from a warm fuzzy feeling); the content of this site is and always will be freely available. This is simply an opportunity to say thank you to Elle for all she does by way of a VOLUNTARY subscription.

So, how much is this VOLUNTARY subscription?

Converted from Elle’s preferred currency into Euro (i.e. one glass of wine = 2 Euro) we are suggesting a modest 2€ per month. Your contribution will help keep Elle in wine (a happy Elle means a happy Alan), and allow us to spend more time creating the content you like!

Regards, Alan

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Yes. The button is for real, and this is not entirely a joke.

The small print….
No obligation, no purchase necessary, and no animals were harmed in the making of this website. Friends and family of Spain Buddy are allowed to participate in this promotion.