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Solar Guard

Solar Guard
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966 716 495 or 667 278 108
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Solar Guard are specialists in the application of sun protection window film and tint. Professional and Legal installation of solar film and tinting to home and business. Proudly serving clients from North to South Costa Blanca since 2002.
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When you say Window Film, Tint or Solar Control Film, people think of cling film or just a sheet of plastic, but they could not be further from the truth. Solar Guard’s window film – solar control film is an advanced multi-layered polyester film that is made up of a Metallized Layer, UV Inhibitor, Scratch Resistant Coating and Adhesive. Once applied internally to your windows the film completely changes the characteristics of your glass and the way it behaves. Such is the quality of Solar Guard’s installation, you would think the window film or solar control film is just part of the glass. It really is that good.

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