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POA Estudio
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POA | Por Otra Arquitectura, es un grupo de arquitectos con experiencia internacional, que busca transformar nuestro entorno mediante proyectos innovadores.
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POA [Por Otra Arquitectura] is a team of architects with experience in various fields. We work side by side to get the most out of each project, and transform our environment with each building.

We use cutting-edge work methodologies that allow us to spend as much time as possible polishing our projects with the client. Using current tools we can plan each work in advance to avoid surprises during execution. We take care of negotiating the budget for each work with different construction companies to avoid unnecessary cost overruns, and we work side by side with local construction companies to ensure that the project is executed with precision without damaging the initial design.

We work with current technologies. Through virtual reality and 3D design we can bring the architecture project closer to the client in the initial design phases, to ensure that the final product adapts to the user's needs and avoid surprises afterwards.

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De Lunes a Viernes de 9.00 - 18.00
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