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British couple detained for selling daughters for sex

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Officers from the Guardia Civil have detained a British couple convicted of selling their daughters for sex. The couple are now rotting in prison.

British couple detained for selling daughters for sex

The sordid tale goes back to 2009 when the married couple, identified as 54-year-old TLD and 59-year-old BSD, offered their underage daughters to a paedophile friend for sexual favours in return for financial gain.

They were condemned by the courts in 2016 for “Sexual Abuse of Minors” on the Balearic island of Mallorca and subsequently fled to the Spanish mainland  in their bid to avoid prison. However, the Guardia Civil across the Balearic Islands refused to let this sick couple escape and over the next few months they worked in conjunction with several police groups, eventually leading to this week’s successful arrests.

The arrest

This week, as part of Operation DAVIES (no prizes for guessing the detainees surnames then), the Guardia Civil located the couple. They had been hiding out in a shed in Cártama (Málaga province). They were able to detain them under the European Arrest Warrant that had been issued.

The couple had been hiding in the shed on a farm in Cartáma but are now both in prison.

Ed: Let them rot!

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