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Billy’s Boxer’s Corner

Billy Boxer's CornerHello and welcome to Billy Boxer’s Corner, so named because firstly my name is Billy Boxer, and secondly because it’s mine!

I am a rescue dog and I live with my Mum and Dad (Alan and Elle) and my two big brothers Guido and Pepper.

Actually this isn’t written by me – Mum and Dad won’t let me use the computer without parental supervision anymore. Just because one time I found some rather lovely videos of lady Boxers and… well that’s besides the point. So, anyway, I have a personal secretary who types for me when I need her too. She’s not the best member of staff because she doesn’t give me treats or let me sleep on the bed but she’ll do – for now.

I have been given a corner of this website so that I can share photos and information about doggies that are desperate for new homes. I will then get Mum to publish information about who my friends are, and how you can adopt them.

I’m not a particularly pretty dog. I know this – I’m not an idiot. Thankfully my Mum and Dad (and everyone else who meets me) love my cheeky chops and so this gives me hope that there is hope for dogs that perhaps have been passed by or ignored when someone would rather take a cute fluffy puppy instead. Those puppies irritate me immensely because whenever there’s a photo online or one is on the telly, then my Mum starts squealing like a banshee. It hurts my ears. So, I’d rather you sent me the information about dogs that are old, or have been in kennels for a long time, or are perhaps not very pretty. I shall wave my magic tail and see how we (and our lovely readers) can help them find a home.

Here’s what you do.

If you own or run a dog charity, or are responsible for their marketing – then please send your doggie information to us by using the form below. Do send the tougher dogs to rehome – I want to help! Please don’t fill it out if you’re not able to speak on behalf of the charity or shelter. It’s not for selling puppies either – we don’t approve of that. This is just for desperate doggies that need rehoming. Later on we may allow cats in, but as I don’t like them… then not just yet.

We can’t promise to publish every dog – but send as many as you like and we’ll see what we can do.

Billy Boxer's Corner
Please add LOADS of information about the dog. Tell us if a breed(s) is known. His/her age, size, temperament, how long in shelter, background, type of home best suited to - basically write as much as you possibly can.
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB