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Balearic flight disruption

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There have been two occurences of Balearic flight disruption in the past few days although one thankfully turned out to be a false alarm. One was on a Madrid flight which was diverted to Mallorca, and the other on a BA flight from Ibiza.

Balearic flight disruption

Image: Wo st 01 via Wikimedia Commons

British Airways Ibiza to London flight evacuated

A BA flight headed to London from Ibiza was evacuated after a passenger was found to be travelling with a fake passport.

Police sources suggested that the woman was planning to carry on to Dublin after a stopover in London. She is thought to be Iranian.

Police boarded the aircraft, removing the female passenger, and dismantled her seat. The remaining passengers were then evacuated and their bags re-screened.

According to local reports the plane, which was still on the tarmac, was then thoroughly searched three times by the bomb squad at Eivissa airport.

The incident and subsequent searches delayed the flight by more than three hours.

British Airways later confirmed in a statement that the aircraft had returned to the stand after authorities discovered a female passenger travelling with ‘incorrect documents’.

Athens to Madrid flight diverted to Mallorca due to false alarm

An Aegean Airlines holiday flight from Athens diverted to Mallorca because the pilot was suspicious about one of the passengers.

The reason for the diversion and the details behind the pilot’s suspicions have not been released although reposrts suggest there was an incident and some concern about one of the passengers on board which triggered the action.

The pilot urgently requested to divert and land and gave his reason as a terrorist threat. The plane was met by a bomb squad after it successfully landed at Son Sant Joan airport.

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil later commented that it had been a false alarm.

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