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APSA events and news

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This is the first of our APSA news and events articles. APSA (Animal Protection Society Albox – Reg. Charity No. G-04491221) is based, as the name says, in Albox in Almería in Southeast Spain.

APSA events and news

About APSA

Dedicated to rescuing, caring for, and rehoming dogs in Albox and the surrounding areas, the charity has a dedicated team of volunteers who generously give their time to help improve the lives of animals in the area. But there’s always room for more improvement, especially now when more people are returning to the UK.

APSA believes that the main reason for the number of abandoned animals in the area is that there are simply too many puppies and kittens being born. They have begun a neutering programme which will educate people into the benefits of getting their animals neutered. And, as a strict policy, they neuter all animals that come into their care.

In addition to the care and rehoming provided, APSA holds regular fundraising events and also have a Charity Shop at number 25 Avenida Lepanto in Albox.

APSA event at Kubatin

Upcoming APSA events

On October 14 2017, APSA will be hosting an event at Bar Kubatin in Arboleas where you can enjoy Chrissie’s award winning dishes and listen to some roak and country music from Dusty Live. See the poster on the right for more details (or below if you are viewing this on a mobile device).

In January 2018 will be a posh High Tea at Lorena’s in Pedra de Amarilla. More details to follow as that approaches.

Looking for gifts for someone? Or to treat yourself? The charity is making and selling bracelets with lucky charms for just €5 each.

Every Saturday an APSA stall can be found at Los Llanos market (next to the Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant between Alvbox and Arboleas). You can buy all kinds of goodies here including home made jams, lemon curd and marmalade.

On wednesays, APSA can be found at the market close to The Attic and La Vida restaurant, selling the same jams and bracelets.

Every centimo helps in order to house, feed and care for the 54 dogs in APSA kennels… as well as transporting 12 to Belgium and the additional 70 dogs in kennels close to the APSA President Diane’s home. It is a battle every month to raise enough money to pay for the vet bill’s, food etc…

Any help is welcome of course.

You can find out more about APSA by visiting the following links

2 Responses to APSA events and news

  1. Joyce September 27, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Hi I read somewhere that you were looking for old printers …. is this right? If so please can u let me know who I can contact.
    Thank you

  2. Elle Draper
    Elle Draper September 27, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Joyce. For a faster response, please contact APSA direct – I am unsure how frequently they’re checking this article now it’s already published.
    Kind regards
    Elle x

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