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Albox Computer Club – Open Day and Beginners Course

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Starting with a free Open Day on July 1 2016, Albox Computer Club is running a Beginners Course for the less experienced in computers.

Albox Computer Club – Open Day and Beginners Course

The Open Day will is not just for beginners, but anyone who wants to know more about the Club’s activities and benefits, have a chance to meet members informally and see some of the things we do and some items we have for loan to members. There will be some interesting things to see, such as a 3D printer and a Cardboard (yes, really !) Virtual Reality sampler, which visitors can try. Systems on view will cover a very wide range of types, both in English and Spanish – including the types we donate for use in the Spanish school system.

Following the Open Day we will be holding beginners meetings every two weeks starting July 15th, shortly after our regular Friday meetings. All members, current and those new on the beginners course will be able to attend whichever and all meetings they wish to come to.

The beginners sessions will concentrate hard on the basics of using your computer, and will be adjusted as we go along to accommodate as best as possible the varying levels of existing knowledge. We promise it will concentrate on the basics – more advanced stuff can be found at the regular morning meetings. The course will be run using Windows 10 – virtually all of it will apply the earlier versions too – and we’ll fully explain what it means to upgrade to Windows 10 or not (and we can help you do that if you wish or need to).

The beginners will meet at 13:00, for a 13:15 start, every other Friday, and last for around two hours. There will be plenty of time to allow for questions, and identifying where the attendees would like the course to go. The first session will concentrate mainly on getting the level of the talks right for those who come along.

The first two sessions will be free, to make sure it’s as close as we can get to what you want to know. You can of course become a full member at any time, or opt just to come along on a weekly basis.

All meetings are help at La Parilla, in the Plaza Mayor, Albox, in the rear function room behind the café. We have a large (3m) screen and projector for the sessions, plus wi-fi, a sound system and of course a club computer.

Much more information will be available at the Open Day, where we’ll cover the full range of the club’s activities, including a list of the basic topics we’ll be aiming to cover throughout the Beginners Course. We will of course have full details of memberships and how the beginners course will operate.

The presenters are well experienced in PCs, but please be assured this is not by geeks or for geeks – it’s for less experienced newer users. And to make you feel at home, the presenters are mainly the elderly retired !!

2 Responses to Albox Computer Club – Open Day and Beginners Course

  1. Dawn Smith November 27, 2017 at 6:47 am

    Hi, Just wanted to find out if you still organise computer courses for beginners, as my husband would like to learn. We live in Arboleas, so if you have any courses it would be great to find out more.

  2. Elle Draper
    Elle Draper November 27, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Probably best to contact them direct – the phone number and email are in the article. Good luck! Elle xx

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