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Alan is featured on Dodho

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Dodho is a highly respected photographic magazine and website. Following Spain Buddy Alan’s recent project in Vélez-Blanco, he was chosen to be featured.

Alan is featured on Dodho

You can read the article and view a selection of the project images HERE

You can find out more about supporting Alan on Patreon HERE

About Dodho

Launched in 2013, Barcelona based Dodho is an independent and international magazine aimed at promoting the vision of emerging and professional photographers globally.

Each month more than one million visitors get to see the photographers featured and view more than half a million of Dodho’s web pages each month.

According to Dodho, it is the fastest growing photo magazine of its type. While its online target audience reaches a huge range of demographics, the print version is aimed at a more professional readership such as galleries, agencies and other photography professionals around the world. The magazine is released twice per year.

Dodho is a discerning publication which has filtered only the very best photographers to feature. Rather than allowing all and sundry to post their phone photos, Dodho has made it its mission to feature only the very best. It is highly respected by talented and qualified photographers and stands as a benchmark among its peers.

You can visit the Dodho website HERE

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