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Advertising in Spain

Advertising solutions on SpainBuddy
If you’re interested in advertising to specific users, or within specific categories, or would like to discuss any other suggestions – have a look at our advertising rates and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Alan and ElleMedia
If you’re a company, or indeed a PR company representing clients operating in Spain, feel free to send any press releases, media information or suitable content you’d like us to look at with a view to inclusion on SpainBuddy.

We are also willing to consider any invitations to events or press trips related to the core content of this site. Send an email to media@spain

Guest writers and columnists
Interested in having your articles on this site, or even perhaps submitting a regular column on a subject dear to your heart? Click HERE  for more information.

Earn money promoting us on Social Media

Would you like to earn some money by sharing links on your favourite social networks? Click here to find out more.

Our other services

Web design and SEO in Spain
Since 2006 we have been providing web design and SEO services to companies in Spain, the UK and the United States. Most of the work is undertaken remotely, so we can work with you wherever you are! We have hundreds of satisfied clients and are very proud of the testimonials we have. Read more about our services on the Gandy-Draper website.

As well as doing his degree in photography (longer ago than he cares to mention), Alan has also undertaken commercial projects, held exhibitions and taught the subject throughout his career. We have a very simple outlook on pricing with Alan’s photography, based on the simple principle of  if you don’t like the results, you don’t pay – it couldn’t be simpler. If you have a project you’d like to talk to him about, email him directly to find out more.