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 Elle Draper

A very happy Baloo!

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In April 2015, we reported on a dog who needed rehoming after his owner died. We have been following the dog ever since and are pleased to report that he’s a very happy Baloo!

A very happy Baloo!!

A very happy Baloo!!

Tragedy struck in the spring of last year when Baloo’s owner (Tony) died. Poor Baloo was devoted to his “Dad” and was pining away before everyone’s eyes. He was used to having a large garden to bounce around in, so was really struggling in kennels. Because Baloo is a large dog, he was also proving difficult to rehome. To be fair, taking on any dog is a big commitment – and so when that dog is the size of Baloo… an extra special home needs to be found.

Jayne Roe and The Kennel Klub were instrumental in caring for, and raising awareness of, Baloo – and it was through them that Baloo was being flagged up to everyone in Lanzarote, plus a lot more of us from further afield.

The glorious Gores!

But – from out of nowhere came Lionel and Ann-Frances Gore. During their move to Lanzarote, they had agreed to get a dog once settled. They specifically wanted a small/medium sized dog, one that got on well with other dogs, was easy to walk and something that didn’t shed.

Yeah right – speaking from personal experience – we know how THAT goes! Shortly after moving, Ann-Frances spotted Baloo on Facebook. She told Lionel about Baloo’s amazing eyes and immediately they went to see him, thrown him into their car to take home (without even owning a dog bowl for his dinenr) and within 12 hours or so  Baloo had moved in with the Gores – settling into his new home with a million cuddles and lots of treats. So much for small/medium… and so much for “not shedding.” Baloo is also a bit of a monkey on his lead and doesn’t welcome all other dogs with open paws. He chose them – and they didn’t get any say in the matter… exactly as it should be.

And now?

A little over a year later, and five-year-old Baloo is very much part of the family who have since moved a little further north on the Island. It’s been a colourful and entertaining year, and let’s just say that a few cushions and soft furnishings have suffered as he has settled into his new life (Baloo did that – not Lionel). Missing shoes are usually found in his proximity – and somehow he’s managed to wheedle his way onto the beds. Oh and he’s developed a taste for the postman. But when Baloo gives his new Mum and Dad those big blue eyes – all is forgiven. The spoiled boy even had a huge West Ham stocking for Christmas.

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  1. Brynette July 11, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    Loved reading this.ade me smile xx

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