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Walking Dead in Barcelona

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Digital graphic novel duo Marcos Martín and Brian K. Vaughan have produced a one-off special of the Walking Dead in Barcelona – Walking Dead: The Alien

Walking Dead in Barcelona

Fans of the hit US television show, The Walking Dead, will know that the programme and its spinoff (Fear the Walking Dead) are set in the United States. However, a random conversation between Martín, (a Spanish graphic artist) Vaughan (American writer) and the novel’s creator, Brian K. Vaughan turned into a 31 page graphic novel that took four months to complete.

It has all the ingredients and hallmarks of the original novel, but is a one-off production.

The novel, released on April 20 2016, begins with a spine-chilling scream in the Gothic Quarter as the hungry flesh eating zombies emerge from the darkness.

Martín told Spanish newspaper El País that the 31 page novel “follows the main storyline of The Walking Dead and there is a direct connection to the main series. But the scenario is completely different, and has new characters. For anyone who has never seen or read the original, it stands alone. But for fans of the original, there are things they will recognize and be able to connect to.”

The spin-off is a standalone story that anyone could watch if they hadn’t seen the original hit TV series… but fans will note strong connections too – tying the whole thing together.

Originally, the idea was to be based in Madrid… and was pitched to Martín by Vaughan. But he admitted, “As a Barça fan, the idea of depicting Madrid overrun by zombies really appealed, but Barcelona was much easier for me to do.”

The only additional details that Martín will provide so far, are that the main characters are a Spanish-American couple and that there will not be a sequel. One thing’s for sure – Spain Buddy would love to see it turned into a format for the telly.

You can purchase the 31 page graphic novel by visiting Panel Syndicate and naming your price. It is available in English and comes in a black and white graphic format.

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