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Van driver picks on the wrong cyclist

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This video is doing the rounds of the Spanish social media at the moment, showing when a van driver and a cyclist get into an altercation on the road, ending with the van driver trying to force the cyclist off the road.

Van driver picks on the wrong cyclist

*Stock imagery. Real driver not shown.

The video (scroll down) has been going viral across the Spanish social media, and it’s no surprise why!

The clip shows an altercation between a cyclist and the driver of a small van on the San Andrés motorway in the municiplaity of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

After several infractions on the van driver’s part (invading the 90cm security distance from the bike), the driver tries to run the cyclist off the road. Onlookers were astonished and the video shows a third party running to the cyclist’s assistance.

However, the driver gets his comeuppance when it emerges that the cyclist is actually an off-duty policeman.

Initially witnesses said that the cycling policeman was reaching in his pocket for his police badge but the agent has confirmed to Diario de Avisos that he was reaching for his phone to photograph the van’s license plate.

Somehow we think the van driver will rue the day he let road rage take over his jaunt to work.

Fortunately the cyclist was unharmed.

Drive safely people, and consideration goes both ways.

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