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Travel photography competition 2016 – The finalists

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We’ve received some incredible images this year, and would like to send out a massive thank you to everyone who’s participated. Everyone who has taken part has done themselves proud, and we’d like to thank you all for your support!

Unfortunately, as with all competitions, we have to somehow narrow it down to a winner. To say the judges have had a hard time selecting this shortlist is an understatement. There were so many entries that could easily have made the cut…

Here are each of the judges’ six choices (in no particular order), now you can help us establish the overall winner from these finalists by voting on the finalists’ album on  our Facebook page (CLICK HERE) for your favourites!

Loc Mai – Having fun, Phan Rang, Vietnam
Selected by Steve Ellaway

Anca Cernoschi – Foggy evening, Timisoara, Romania
Selected by Steve Ellaway

Robin Yong, Fairy Tales in Venice, Italy
Selected by Steve Ellaway

Loc Mai – Having fun, Phan Rang, Vietnam
Selected by Steve Ellaway

Sanghamitra Sarkar – Rain of colours, Basrsana, Uttar Pradesh, India
Selected by Steve Ellaway

Tony Murtagh, Three headed giraffe, Kenya
Selected by Steve Ellaway

Chris de Blank, Shoeshine, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Selected by Allegra Boverman

Ed Leckert, Lake O’Hara Sunset, Yoho National Park, British Columbia
Selected by Allegra Boverman

Kari Atkins, Campo Life, Benamaurel, Andalucia, Spain
Selected by Allegra Boverman

Kevin Coellen, Road to Monument Valley, Utah
Selected by Allegra Boverman

Lina Wong, The Dance of Aurora, Fairbanks, AlaskaSelected by Allegra Boverman

Lina Wong, The Dance of Aurora, Fairbanks, Alaska
Selected by Allegra Boverman

Sai Priya, Morning walk, Rajasthan, IndiaSelected by Allegra Boverman

Sai Priya, Morning walk, Rajasthan, India
Selected by Allegra Boverman

Javier Blanco, Into the Forest, Taichung, Taiwan
Selected by Alan Gandy

Pier Luigi Dodi, Under the monsoon rain, Kyauk Kan Latt Pagoda, Hpa-An, Kayin State, Myanmar
Selected by Alan Gandy

Placido Faranda, Solidified lava river vs Forest, Mount Etna, Sicily
Selected by Alan Gandy

Sai Priya, Elephant shelter, Kerala, India
Selected by Alan Gandy

Sanghamitra Sarkar, Enjoying the rain together, Kalyani, West Bengal, India
Selected by Alan Gandy

Alan – Kevin Coellen, Golden Moment, San Francisco, California
Selected by Alan Gandy


Click 'like' on your favourites to vote for the images you'd like to see become the winner…

Voting closes and the winner announced on the 2nd January 2017.

Posted by Spain Buddy on Monday, 5 December 2016


Alan Gandy, Spain – is the co-owner of this site, a professional photographer and former lecturer with a fine art photography degree from much longer ago than he cares to talk about. Alan has had his work published, exhibited, and sold to collectors around the world. For obvious reasons you’ll find a lot of Alan’s images scattered around this site!

Steve Ellaway, Wales – an old college friend of Alan’s at the University of Derby where they studied together. He worked as principal photographer at English Heritage North and later became a lecturer in photography at Swansea Metropolitan University and Filton Collge Bristol, where he taught for 20 years. He has had work published in the British Journal of Photography, Phototech Magazine and the German leading online Magazine: Kwerfeldein. He was recently voted as the British Landscape Photographer of the year by the ‘Outdoor Photographer’ Magazine. He is also a member of Getty Images.

Allegra Boverman, USA – a New York native, is a freelance photographer in New Hampshire and an accomplished and award winning photojournalist. She has been taking photos since she was a child, taught first by her father; and, while she was an English major in college, also studied photography and art history; including some masters work in photography and visual communication. Alan first met Allegra when he taught photography for a season at Buck’s Rock camp in Connecticut, she was a very keen and enthusiastic 14 year old at the time who spent most of the summer quietly working away in the darkroom.

5 Responses to Travel photography competition 2016 – The finalists

  1. Chris December 6, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Fantastic collection of finalists, well done everyone. Glad I’m not a judge.

  2. Susan Jackson December 6, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    OMG, this is so hard!!

  3. Sally Chewter December 6, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    They are all absolutely stunning! How to choose? Eeny meeny miny mo …

  4. Richard January 3, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Who won at the end?

  5. Elle Draper
    Elle Draper January 3, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    The winner and their information will be announced in an article on this website at 9:30am (ish) tomorrow morning. That’s Spain time. We had to contact them direct first to get a little more background.

    Thanks for following the competition!

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