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Travel Man’s Richard Ayoade discovers Tenerife’s natural beauty

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‘Travel Man: 48 hours in Tenerife’ airs this evening (March 27) at 8.30pm on Channel 4. Travel Man’s Richard Ayoade discovers Tenerife’s natural beauty

Travel Man’s Richard Ayoade discovers Tenerife’s natural beauty

Tenerife is the latest destination to be featured on the immensely popular Travel Man series hosted by comedian Richard Ayoade, which airs this evening on Channel 4 at 8.30pm. During the programme, Ayoade explores some of the lesser-known areas of the island, such as the volcanic landscapes of Tenerife’s UNESCO-listed Teide National Park and the iconic Tenerife Auditorium in Santa Cruz.

As always, the comedian will be joined on his travels by another well-known name and this time is it the turn of American director and actress Lena Dunham – best known as the creator of HBO series Girls. Together they embark on a 48-hour trip to discover what lies beyond the resorts of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, which received more than 2 million visitors from the UK last year.

During their action-packed mini break, Richard and Lena will visit a selection of charming towns on the island’s north coast, explore Teide National Park’s out-of-this-world lunar landscapes, witness a ‘clear’ stargazing session thanks to the island’s excellent quality skies and wander through the streets of Tenerife’s capital city, Santa Cruz. Here, the duo will discover two of the city’s most popular attractions: the stunning Tenerife Auditorium, a futuristic landmark by famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the 36-piece sculpture trail featuring works by the likes of Henry Moore and Joan Miró.

Viewers will also see Richard and Lena tasting some of the island’s most popular food and drinks, including the famous barraquito, layered coffee infused with a few drops of orange liquor; and escaldón, a traditional dish made with gofio, a type of flour made from toasted cereals dating back to the island’s aborigines. They will even pop into a famous guachinche (small, family-run eatery) to try some classics such as goat stew and grilled cheese and honey. Richard and Lena will also go whale and dolphin watching and play a round of golf, just two of the outdoor activities visitors can enjoy on Tenerife all year round.

Travel Man: 48 hours in Tenerife, airing tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 4, is one of the latest UK productions which have chosen Tenerife as a filming location. Previous productions include BBC series Silent Witness and Dr. Who, and ITV show Take Me Out – many of them attracted by the island’s tax incentives, variety of landscapes and 3,000 hours of sunshine a year.

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