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Things to do in La Gomera

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Visiting the green gem of the Canaries is always a pleasure because there are plenty of things to do in La Gomera. However, if you’re after “Kiss Me Quick” hats and Blackpool in the sun – don’t bother!

La Gomera is most definitely for the cool kids and for those that enjoy exploring the outdoors. The scenery in genral is quite simply breathtaking.

Things to do in San Sebastian.

When I asked Alan what he enjoyed most about his time in la Gomera, he struggled to answer beyound the words, “All of it!” He adored La Gomera… but he did say that San Sebastian was a real highlight for him.

In Alan’s words, “It’s quaint, it’s almost unspoilt. It’s kind of got the charms of the town in which we now live… but on a grander scale. It’s clean with a mix of old and new architecture. There was enough of the old to not make it hard to picture an ancient galleon or two docked there instead of the Armas ferry.”

Take some time to explore every nook and cranny of this pretty city and enjoy fresh fish at one of the many restaurants.

The Tourist Office is located on Calle Real and can organise multi-lingual tours – a great way to learn more about this historic town. But if you’re going alone, do take time to visit the archaeological museum in the square opposite the church of Asunción.

Things to do in Valle Gran Rey

Discover your inner hippy chic and be prepared to enjoy a slower, more chilled out, existence. This small harbour town is stunning and we strongly recommend you stay here for a couple of days to unwind.

The journey down the lush green valley to the town is a joy in itself. The stepped hillsides with beautiful properties either side is simply a joy to behold. Pretty spectacular!

When you reach the town, you are treated to a good infrastructure with hotels and plenty of eateries, especially around the harbour area which also has a beach. Wifi in available in some areas.

The town itself has a wonderful relaxed and friendly vibe, where everyone seems to know everyone else. The foreign residents tend to be German, and with a hearty respect for the town. They have embraced it fully, and not tried to change it in any way – a refreshing change.

Be prepared to be invigorated.

Whistling tour

Most hotels on the island can organise a trip for you to hear the fanous La Gomera whistling for yourselves. This “almost lost” language is enjoying a revival, with it now being taught in schools again.

Cycling and hiking on La Gomera

The steep hills make this quite the challenge for those that love to explore on foot or on two wheels. That being said, the more experienced among you will love every second!

There are many routes around the island  – and your hotel will be able to advise you of the nearest.

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