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 Alan Gandy

The Spain Buddy Spanish language survey results

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A couple of weeks ago we posed this question to readers of our website “How good are your Spanish language skills?” Here are the results.

Assuming everyone has been totally honest and resisted the temptation to ‘upgrade’ themselves a notch in their self-assessment, we’re pretty impressed by the result.

Only one percent of respondents admitted to speaking ‘not a word’ of the language, everyone can manage day to day niceties at the least and sixty five percent of you are capable of all levels through from holding a basic conversation to being totally fluent.

language survey skills

In no way could this be described as a scientifically authoritative result. As you can see some of the questions are a little tongue in cheek!

Responses came from both residents and visitors, here’s how that number broke down.

language survey type

Are these the results you’d have anticipated?

Learning Spanish

We have dozens of articles on Spain Buddy, which can help you to learn the language of this wonderful country. Learning should be fun – so we have oodles of crosswords. You can print these off and do them at your leisure.

Here are a number of links that will set you on your way.

Want more?

We all learn more easily if the subject matter is something that either interests us, or that we can personally relate to. So we also have crosswords for…

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